What percentage of world play video games?

Videogames are played a lot by many people all over the world without any discrimination in age and gender. During this pandemic, we can see more gamers in the video gaming community.

 But have ever wondered how many people are there who love the games? 

What percentage of world play video games?

Percentage of Video game players all over the world

It’s awesome to know that about 40% of our overall population loves video games as you and we do. That’s showcases that around 3.1 billion people worldwide play video games. It is crazy, isn’t it? This is proved by recent studies.

We are around 8 billion people and in it 3.1 billion are gamers. The reports also show that the fastest-growing number of these players are those who play video games on mobiles. 

Thanks to JIO that people can access online video games in India with their smartphones. That is the one of the cause of  Revolution in the gaming industry.

Players who play using mobiles are half of the 3.1 billion gamers. 

What percentage of world play video games?

Continent which has the most gamers-

  • No. 4 North American

It shows that gamers are around 261 million in North America. 

  • No. 3 Latin America

It shows that gamers are around 383 million in Latin America.

  • No. 2 Europe 

It shows that gamers are around 668 million in Europe.

  • No. 1 Asia

It shows that gamers are around 1.42 billion in Asia. It is insane that there are such gaming lovers in Asia itself.

Nowadays, even in the Youtube community, like many Gamers from International Youtube star Pewidepie to Indian YouTubers like Aditya Sawat from Dynamo Gaming, Narman from Mortal, Carry Minati from CarryisLive, Shubh from Beast boy Shub and many more. 

The list is so huge and it shows how much Indian people are loving video games by seeing the subscribers in their channels. This pandemic teaches us to enjoy our lives indoors and that’s proved by video games.

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