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What is the right shower niche height?

How to keep toiletries uncluttered and safely in a small bathroom? Or how to keep a small bathroom appear organized while keeping all the necessary toiletries at your hand’s reach? A shower niche is an ideal solution to resolve your storage woes in a small bathroom. We are all guilty of stacking up the toiletries over time. And, it comes to a point where everything becomes cluttered over time. Therefore, you require a proper shower niche to offer easy storage for your shampoo bottles, lotions, and other accessories you need in a bathroom. However, you need to consider the right shower niche height to ensure that it’s conveniently accessible to all family members. 

Besides the ideal height for a niche, you also need to ensure that its size fits perfectly in your bathroom. After all, you need a perfect bathroom design to achieve a perfect modern look along with practicality. 

Here we share with you the simple details about shower niche placement and accurate height. Continue reading to know about the right shower niche size and height. 

What are shower niches?

Shower niches are built-in shelves, which are specifically made to store lotions, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, etc. within a shower area. It not only eliminates the need to separate your standalone racks but also keeps all the shower essentials at your arm’s reach. 

If you share bathroom space, there are various issues while coming to maintaining sufficient space. After all, you have to take care of every family member’s needs without creating a mess. However, shelves and shower caddies are very difficult to clean. 

So, a bathroom niche is a superior way to keep your things while enhancing the overall bathroom interior. It is also useful to let you keep your shower accessories in place without the need for bulky organizers. Moreover, you don’t even have to give up on your valuable shower space. It is because shower niches neatly conceal your bathroom accessories within a shower wall. Likewise,  you may install a desired shaving niche height for easy shaving each morning. 

Things To Consider To Install Right Shower Niche Height 

There is a wide range of niche heights. It is because some homeowners may consider aesthetics when making a shower niche, while others may prefer accessibility. We suggest you consider practicality before aesthetics. For example, to install a shower/tub, you may consider a low height niche for better accessibility. 

Another important point to consider is whether children will use the same shower. If so, you may settle at a convenient height for you, as well as your kids. For design purposes, you may consider horizontal shower niche height or vertical niche height – depending on your needs. Considering all these factors, you can find the right shower niche height to meet your requirements. 

What should be the ideal height of a shower niche?

If there is no tub in your bathroom and you take bath under a shower, an ideal height for a niche is at chest level. It is because when taking shower, you would not like to bend down again and again to get shampoo or conditioner. Alternatively, if the niche height is too high, it may mean that you need to raise your feel or jump to get desired items from a high shower niche. And, both the situations are undesirable. Therefore, the ideal height of a shower niche needs to be somewhere around 48 to 60 inches from the floor level to get the best out of bathroom space. 

Does a shower niche have to be centered?

If you desire symmetric design, you may install a shower niche at the center. Otherwise, it is not necessary to keep it in the center. You may install it off-center too, depending on your interior design and preferences. It is best to consult a contractor to help you decide on the right shower niche placement.  

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