What is the difference of playing blackjack with a live dealer?

If we talk about the most popular casino games, blackjack falls in second place right after slots in both online and land-based casinos. With the huge expansion of the online casino industry, we have now access to different variety of blackjack games that can be played over the internet.

However, all of the games can be separated into two main categories. Live dealer blackjack and online blackjack.

Even though the gameplay and rules of the game are identical in both categories, they are quite different in terms of the entire experience while you play.

This is why we decided to highlight the main differences between live dealer blackjack and online blackjack.

What is Live Dealer Blackjack?

To explain it in the simplest way, it is like placing a camera on some of the land-based casino blackjack tables and streaming the gameplay over the internet where people can play the game without them actually being in a casino.

Live dealer blackjack includes a real human dealer and it is played at a physical table (usually a studio), that is broadcasted via live stream.

With live dealer blackjack, you are dealt physical cards from a pile of six to eight decks, just like in a real-world casino. The only thing that is digital is the chips you are placing, as well as deciding for each action whether to hit, stand, double down, or split.

Live dealer blackjack also includes a chat feature where players can interact with others, and some of them allow you to stream video from yourself just so you can have open communication with the dealer.

What is Online Blackjack?

On the other hand, online blackjack is played entirely digitally. Online blackjack is based on software and utilizes a random number generator (RNG) to randomize the outcome of each hand. This blackjack variant is designed to mimic real-life blackjack and it is based on the same principles as the real deal.

The only thing that is different with online blackjack is that all decks in a shoe are shuffled between each hand, making it more difficult to get a hot streak.

Even though both games might look identical, the entire process behind how it works is different.

With that said, let’s highlight some of the advantages and disadvantages of both blackjack variants.

Online Blackjack is more Accessible

Even though there are many casinos nowadays that offer Live Dealer Blackjack, it is nothing compared to the dominance of online blackjack. Nowadays, every online casino offers digital online blackjack making it more accessible than live blackjack.

Additionally, online blackjack has no table limit, which means that millions of people can play on the same table simultaneously.  On the other hand, live dealer blackjack comes in video streaming sessions where you must log in at the exact time in order to play.

You’ll Get Better Odds Playing Live Dealer Blackjack

Since the online version of blackjack is based on an RNG, the live dealer blackjack is considered to be somehow better in terms of odds. If we look at the average return to player (RTP) both versions of blackjack are often very similar. 

However, the main difference is that live dealer blackjack is dealt from six or eight-deck shoe, that is shuffled periodically, rather than between each hand in the online version.

Live Dealer Blackjack is Great for the Overall Experience

Playing casino games isn’t always about winning money and making profits. In most cases, the overall experience, through the excitement of the gameplay plays a really important role for people. This means that some people choose games that are more entertaining than others even though they might offer smaller odds.

Live blackjack is like taking your local casino to your home. Even though both games are played digitally, the overall experience from the live blackjack version is much better just because you interact with real people and real emotions are exchanged on the table.

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