What Is The Canon Ending of Mass Effect 3 EveryThing You Need To Know

Mass Effect 3 belong to action roleplaying type of games. It was loved by people all over the world. When fans come to know about Mass Effect 4 they were insane. In the trailer, we need to summarize the ending of Mass Effect 3 for good revision. Let’s begin

The Endings of Mass Effect 3

More controversial was the endings among the fans. Getting a new piece of evidence to prove their theories are necessary. I am going to tell 3 theories which are chances of being real.What Is The Canon Ending of Mass Effect 3 EveryThing You Need To Know

The Destroy Ending : In this theory, Reaper is lost as all the synthetic life in Galaxy is killed. The Shepard is being killed which is implied as the final shot shows that Shepard’s body is taking final breath suddenly it means that death is welcoming Shepard.  This shows that the player gets 4000 points of Effective Military Strength. It is a very difficult ending as you are going to kill friendly synthetic also. Why so emotional drama?

Control Ending : This theory tells us that player may have risen upon Shepard and take control of the Reapers. There you need to sacrifice your human form and become AL. With this sacrifice, Shepard will become The God of the Galaxy and Reapers need to protect the Galaxy. God Form of Shepard can be good or bad in future. So it’s 50% risky.

Synthesis Ending :After taking control over Shepard players can merge and unite all organic and synthetic life. It shows a peaceful life altogether but Do Shepard has a right to decide for the entire Galaxy? Is he have any right over Galaxy? What will Shepard do if such questions about morality are asked?What Is The Canon Ending of Mass Effect 3 EveryThing You Need To Know

Refusal Ending: You can refuse all the options which directly leads to the win for the Reapers. It is a bit dark as you are giving up and it doesn’t suit the Shepard character at all. You are not doing anything to stop the Reapers. 

 Hope that for all bio wars fans it was helpful. Mass Effect 3 is a really good game and you need to check it out. It has an amazing character that you will fall in love with. 

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