What is Per Person Sharing?

The price per person sharing is the cost per visitor sharing a room. It is relatively typical for properties to charge based on the number of guests rather than a set cost in certain places. PPS guarantees that the facility is not abused or overrun with more people than the owner has permitted. Additionally, it implies that the expenses of other gratuitous facilities, like meals, that the host must pay to remain minimal.

Many hosts charge a single-person rate, benefiting that they earn more money the more people who stay in the room. As a result, single tourists are often charged an additional cost for renting a two-person accommodation with its amenities.

The abbreviations PP (per person), PPPN (per person per night), and PPS all allude to this notion (per person sharing). Each of these phrases is synonymous.

How Is “Per Person, Per Night” Defined?

Per person per night implies calculating the price per person per night rather than the total price per person. Therefore, if the total cost is $1,000 and two visitors stay for five nights, the price per person per night is $100 ($1000/2 guests = $500/5 nights = $100 per person per night).

How to Calculate the Per-person price point

Divide the room’s rate by the number of visitors to estimate the per-person sharing pricing. Here is an illustration:

• If the cost of a double room is $450 per night, the cost per person sharing is $450/2 = $225.

The property owner may choose to publish pricing in this manner rather than by total cost. Before doing so, it is advisable to analyze comparable firms and conduct a detailed examination of the advantages and disadvantages.

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