Marvel Mystery oil is an automotive product of the American company Marvel Oil Company. The oil is fuel additive, oil additive, corrosion inhibitor, penetrating oil, and transmission leak stopper and seal re-lubricate. It improves compression, power, & MPG, along with lubricating the upper cylinder for smoother idling along with keeping engines clean from sludge.

What is Marvel Mystery Oil ? Why is it Mysterious .?

The company was founded in 1923 by Brut Pierce, the company has established its name as one of the most trustworthy in its field because of its long history. Way back during World War I the automobiles and aircraft suffered from clogged carburetors the company produced carburetors at that time so for this issue  Pierce formulated a blend of chemicals and petroleum to clean and maintain them and ever since the company is flourishing.

What is Marvel Mystery Oil ? Why is it Mysterious .?

The Marvel mystery oil got its name when Pierce was asked a question “What kind of oil is this?” to which he replied,” It’s a mystery.”

  • The oil can be used in a wide variety of applications it doesn’t matter if the engine is of conventional design or a rotary. It performs well on all engine applications – automotive, motorcycle, marine, aircraft.
  • Furthermore, it can be mixed with all fuels and when it mixed with the fuel, Marvel Mystery Oil reduces carbon monoxide emissions and removes any water in the fuel. Thus, it purifies the fuel from any deposits in your fuel that may occur as a threat to your fuel and additionally provides better gas mileage.
  • Also since the oil has a cleaning formula so when there is an engine sludge that is developed on and around your vehicle’s motor when the oil begins to break down and collects on the engine Marvel mystery oil after few oil changes remove the sludge.

Although the company claims the oil is to be used as an oil additive, corrosion inhibitor, penetrating oil, and transmission leak stopper, and seal re-lubricate no evidence has been proof has been provided by the company supporting the fact. It is sold as a fuel additive for lubricating qualities, primarily cleaning and friction reduction capabilities but automobile manufacturers like Ford and GM strictly ask their customers not to use engine oil additives, stating they are unnecessary in their contemporary engine designs and may void their warranties. But customers who have used the product are quite satisfied with it.

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