What is Hunger Games Simulator Know the Benefits of Using it

The series of web-based simulation games “Hunger Games Simulator” allows the gamers to create rosters and to use tributes from the 74th and 75th Hunger Games as per their wish. The game is inspired from the Sci-Fi trilogy film as well as novel ‘The Hunger Games Trilogy‘. However the author was Suzanne Collins. In this the teenagers between the age of 12-18 has to take part in this game titular. Well the hunger games titular is a annual event on television in which one needs tribute for fighting against the death until and unless there is a single survivor.

For and Against of Hunger Games Simulator

What is Hunger Games Simulator Know the Benefits of Using it

Like two sided coin this game too has some plus point as well as some negative points, and to know both of them is really important.


  • As compared to another games this one is really simple to understand.
  • This game consists of toggle for mutts and traps causing death.
  • The game also allows the pairing of tributes as per alliance.
  • Names can be customized.


  • The game is limited to 24 tributes.
  • The game lacks in gender options.
  • The add and edit events are not there as an option.
  • No pictures can be used in the game.
  • Non-fatal events are restricted.
  • Events are modicum.

Hunger Games Simulator Format

Hunger Games Simulator

Death messages are the most common feature in the following game. However the messages keeps on being announced all around the time of simulation season. These messages gives the detailed reason of tribute to the death, whether the death caused due to natural causes, health related issues or due to some other tributes. While customizing event in the game, the game should have at least one event consisting of one tribute dying. This was just the glimpse of the gameplay.

The Hunger Games Simulator version is generated in Ripred.net. In fact the simulator consists of 12 districts whereas each district consists of two tributes. Also the names of the tribute can be changed as per your choice. Further more the Hunger Games is also known as “yandere survival”.

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