If you are a small business owner and want to make your product appearance attractive, you should consider crinkle paper for packaging. For a small business, crinkle paper is definitely an incredible option to utilize for packaging as well as shipping products.

The shredded paper you often see in the packaging of products is crinkle paper. The production of this paper is completely free from harmful chemicals. 

Moreover, it is recyclable and composted paper. Mostly, it is used as the packaging solution by most small business owners. What you are missing about crinkle paper is described here.

How do you use crinkle paper?

A variety of options for the packaging of a product involve the use of crinkle paper. You can use it for cushioning products, void fling, and placing it around the delicate products so that they stay in place during shipment.

You can also use it for putting around the birthday gifts for your loved ones. Without compromising the quality and product safety, you should add this unharmful paper and enhance your unique style of packaging.


Today, most companies are trying to make the environment carbo free. The attempts to clean the environment are getting the rise. 

People are trying to campaign to make seas, parks, and landscapes pollution-free. In this scenario, you can play your part too. Use this biodegradable material for your small business and rescue usage of carbon.

You can choose a variety of colors on crinkle paper. Add some fun colors and shapes of shredded paper and spread pleasant moments. Customer reviews have key importance for any brand. 

You can make your product consumers by adding the fun colors and shapes of crinkle paper. It‘ll make the packaging eye-catchy.


  • In gift baskets, use the zig-zag shape of crinkle paper and add an attractive look to it.
  • You can also use the crinkle paper for void filling. For the gifts that are delicate, you fill all around the item and make a safe surrounding using crinkle paper. 
  • For packing crockery, the use of this paper is helpful. You can use it to avoid scratches or breaking the plates or glasses. Add the layers of crinkle paper between, under, and around the cutlery items and release the tension of breakage or scratches.
  • Gifts like perfume bottles or drinks are prone to breakage. Pack such items using crinkle paper, and you can add an attractive appearance by using different colors.
  • You can also use it as a fun game for your children. Ask your kids to choose their favorite color and shape of the paper and fill it to pack their toys. This paper is totally safe for your kids. It’ll also reduce the usage of carbon in your home.

Bottom line 

Small business owners have to pay more attention to the quality and appearance of their products. Packaging solutions that make the product appearance unique are best for such people. All the tips above are helpful in utilizing crinkle paper in multiple ways 


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