What is Cotton Voile? Everything You Must Know About Cotton Voile Fabric

Are you looking for a functional yet stylish fabric? A normal Google search might have made this task more confusing, right?

We are here to present you with one single choice: Cotton fabric. This is not enough to convince you, so we will dig deeper and help you in explaining the best part of using this fabric for multiple purposes, The dynamic liquid transportation properties of fabrics.

Let us give you a detailed guide to the cotton fabric.

What is a cotton voile fabric?

It is made from 99% organic cotton and 1% polyester. The blend makes the fabric silky, lightweight, cooler, and soft. 

This is a plain-woven fabric made from cotton or a blend of cotton with polyester or linen. This fabric has a higher thread count, which results in silky softness. The material is perfect for summer as it is semi-sheer, breathable, and lightweight. 

The types of cotton voile fabrics:

  • Crushed: This is highly light and soft, giving a similar chiffon feel. Due to being light in weight, it is used in delicate furniture pieces. 
  • Sheer: The fabric has been a great choice if you want something to drape. This is often used to level up your outfit or soft furniture pieces like quilts, bedsheets, and cushions. 
  • Plain weave: The horizontal threads are placed over the vertical fibres. The tight or loose condition of the fabric depends on the thread count. 

The material is ready to be turned into flowing dresses, tops, tunics, and more. It grabs space in the top five fabrics suitable to wear in the summer. While in tropical weather, it is used as curtains to protect your home from insects. 

The cotton voile fabric is something perfect for people who love cotton. It provides a generous stretch and great draping. 

Some features of quality cotton fabric are:

  • Tight and plain weaving
  • Soft and silky finish 
  • Highly flexible yet strong 
  • Semi-sheer material
  • Curtains easily 
  • Crisp texture 

What are the unique designs you can get in cotton voile fabric?

  1. Abstract Design

This is used to describe unrecognizable forms and patterns. They have a bit of boldness and modern designs. 


  1. Dot Design

You might have heard about the polka dot pattern, which is evenly spaced using the same size of dots. This can be used to make clothes for kids or decorate their room to give it a fun touch.  

  1. Floral Design

The cotton prints fabric ranges from large-scale, realistic, casual, and colourful to abstract prints. This is suitable for decorating your cottage. You can mix and match the florals as per your taste and requirements. 


  1. Border Design

If you want a pattern with beautiful dimensions and stripes, this is the perfect pattern. These are known as lines or bands placed horizontal, vertical, or diagonal along with the fabric.


  1. Fancy Design

This will have some unique Cotton Voile Fabric Embroidery woven over the material to give it a modern and stylish look. They are preferable for women’s clothing. 

How should you use cotton voile fabric?

  • The material might shrink a bit when washed or kept at high temperatures. To get accurate measures, you should clean and dry the fabric before the sewing process. 
  • The cotton Voile Fabric is prone to wrinkling. Avoid getting polyester voile for summer dresses as it will restrict the fabric’s breathability. Instead, stick to cotton for comfortable and airy clothes.  
  • As the material is very delicate, sewing the fabric is a trick. Go to an experienced tailor that does not damage the material and provides great results as expected. 
  • Some cotton fabrics have a sheer nature which will need some lining work to make them comfortable while wearing or using at places that need to be covered. 
  • To avoid the fraying of the cotton voile fabric, you can stitch the unfinished edges before washing it. 
  • Use hands to wash the fabric with gentle detergent. Separate the delicate and dry them in shadow to avoid losing their shine and lustre. 
  • Gently stretch the cotton fabric while damp. It ensures returning to its original size. 

What are the must-have features in a cotton voile fabric?

When you plan to invest in the voile fabric, it is important to look for certain features like:

  • Mostly the fabrics that give you a thicker feel are better in quality. The reason is that the weight and count of threads per inch make the material highly durable. 
  • Look at the stitching of the cloth. The best one will be right but give you a bit of stretchability. This ensures that cotton, silk, or linen fabric can be played around with instead of providing a stiff look and feel.
  • The blend of materials also plays a huge role in fabric quality. Cotton is a natural variant that will be more comfortable with naturally extracted fabrics than synthetic as it makes it less durable. 

How to use the cotton voile fabric for various purposes?

It is a perfect choice for casual clothes. The cotton fabric is great for daily wear as it’s hypoallergic and suits sensitive skin types. Some ideas to use your cotton voile fabric are:

  • Men’s Shirt 
  • Dress 
  • Tunic
  • Layered shirt 
  • Summer scarf 
  • Night wears 

While the printed cotton voile is a perfect pick for a statement-making outfit, it is important to go with trendy colours or just get your favourite shade. 

The Final Pick! 

Choosing the natural fabric ensures that you enjoy the benefits of great fibre. Let us look at some benefits of cotton fabric:

  • Cotton is NATURAL: This plant grown starts as a flower and becomes a ball with a fluffy interior. This ball is then spun into the soft fabric. 
  • Cotton lets you BREATHE: It is absorbent, breathable, and soft. There are no chances of getting any itchy, stuffy, clingy, or irritating feel with cotton fabric. This keeps you cool. 
  • Cotton is ODOURLESS: Clothes are bound to soak the odours, but this does not happen with the cotton fabric. Once you wash the clothes, it releases the odorous substances easily. 
  • Cotton is STRONG: The more synthetic material, the higher chances of sagging, stretching, and bagging. So, the blend of cotton and polyester makes it perfect to last longer with proper care

Just get the perfect balance of colour, pattern, and design in the cotton fabric. This will give you a quality material to use for multiple purposes. 

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