What are preventive measures for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the failure to get and at the same time keep the erections hard enough for achieving normal sexual intercourse. The research estimates suggested that 1 in every 10 males faces difficulty in attaining normal erections during certain points in life. However, it is very crucial to understand that in the majority of cases, frequent erectile failures may be the cause of some other underlying medical issue. ED can take place during any stage of life. Aurogra 100  and Vidalista 60mg is an excellent treatment option for health problems.

 And it may be linked with some other issues that are interfering with the capability of men to achieve normal sexual intercourse. It can also be associated with the lack of sexual desire or maybe a man is facing an issue with orgasm or ejaculation. This problem can take place at any age when a person experience difficulty in the process of achieving erections. The erection takes place as a consequence of the elevated blood flow in the male reproductive organ. As this region is filled with blood, thus, the penile region becomes hard & rigid. Also, the veins in the penile region constrict for assisting in keeping the blood within the male reproductive area and maintaining erections.

What are the factors responsible for erectile problems?

This sexual ailment can take place due to several reasons. At times, it may be the side effect of the intake of some specific drugs. However, in around 75% of males, the reason for the cause of this disease is complex. It may arise due to the occurrence of cardiovascular ailment, neurological disorder, diabetes, hypertension, or when an individual undergoes prostate-related therapy or maybe surgery. In the present times, there has been considerable advancement in curing erectile disease. Also, there are several the ways to prevent and at the same time manage this particular condition. This is ranging from utilizing some specific medications to the intervention in lifestyle.

Ways to prevent risks of erectile issues

Here are some of the ways to prevent the risk of erectile issues:

  • Dietary alterations

The imbalances in dietary patterns are known to hamper the metabolic health, mood as well as brain health of an individual. It is also having a detrimental effect on the sexual life of a person. So, it is best to consume food having low salt content & being focused on consuming healthy fats. Also, you should avoid eating food containing high amounts of saturated fatty acids. Apart from that, make sure to increase the intake of dietary fibre in your meals.

  • Achieve & maintain healthy body weight

The research has already suggested that obesity can also be one of the risk factors for causing erectile issues in males. It is far more severe than the aging process. An obese individual even while not suffering from any other health issue may have a greater tendency of suffering from poor arousal as well as a reduction in the erection quality. Event reducing the body weight to the extent of 5-7% may be extremely helpful in reducing the hazards of causing erectile dysfunction.

  • Quit smoking

Many individuals are not realizing that impotence may also occur due to vascular syndromes rather than low concentrations of testosterone. Also, it has been found that smoking nicotine or tobacco is one of the major causes of vascular ailments(peripheral). Take either Cenforce 200mg  if you are experiencing the negative symptoms of erectile Dysfunction so, all those individuals who are in a habit of smoking regularly will be having poor blood vessels and at the same time lower vascular elasticity. Thus, regular smoking enhances the tendency to cause erectile dysfunction.

  • Diabetes prevention

Today greater than 10% of males are suffering from diabetes. It is one of the leading and most common causes of the occurrence of sexual issues in males. It is a very complex syndrome that can actually lead to poor erections in males, owing to several reasons. The elevated blood sugar level is found to be associated with increased hazards of causing vascular ailments. This in turn leads to a poor supply of blood towards the male reproductive region. Thus diabetes prevention is very important in order to prevent sexual illnesses. Maintaining a considerably good glucose level in the body results in a lower risk of impotence.

  • Manage blood pressure

The elevated level of blood pressure leads to the construction of blood vessels. It reduces the volume of blood flowing throughout the body. If lesser of the blood reaches the male reproductive organ, then the individual will find it hard to achieve and sustain an erection. You can also improve your well-being by using Fildena 100mg.

 So, if you are not checking your blood pressure regularly, then it is just the best time for you to begin with. There might be the possibility that an individual is having high blood pressure and they are not even aware of it.

  • Physically active

A sedentary lifestyle is quite common today and is one of the leading causes of several ailments. It increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, alterations in mood, elevated stress level, and many others. Thus, it is crucial to exercise around 30 minutes a week for boosting sexual functioning. Also, the person should try to remain active throughout the day.


It is quite often considered that the aging process leads to ED. However, it is not necessarily true. Many health conditions impact the blood flow in the body. So, impotence may often be a symptom of one or another underline health issue. Following a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, eating right, and keeping yourself physically fit can also help in leading healthy sexual life.

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