What are J-type thermocouples used for?

Thermocouples are sensors used to measure temperature.

They consist of two wires, each made from different materials. They’re welded together to form a tip – also known as a junction – and this is where the temperature is measured.

When the tip detects a rise or fall in temperature, a milli-voltage is created and calculated by a temperature controller to give an accurate reading.

They’re essential in many industries, and thanks to their impressive temperature range and countless uses, they’re the ideal solution.

But what can they be used for? Here’s everything you need to know about J-type thermocouples.

Medical applications

There are various uses for J-type thermocouples in the medical industry and they’re extremely important, as all instruments need to be precise and accurate in order to give correct diagnoses. 

They’re most commonly found within thermometers – helping doctors and nurses take their patient’s temperature as quickly and as accurately as possible.

J-type thermocouples are also ideal for use in other pieces of equipment, like MRI and portable ultrasound scanners.

The implementation of these products has revolutionised the way medical professionals work, allowing them to see how they can better improve the lives of the people in their care. 

Oil mining

This might come as a surprise, but J-type thermocouples are an essential piece of equipment in the oil mining industry, proving useful when it comes to ensuring safe and effective practices.

Usually, the ends of oil drills are fitted with one of these temperature sensors, which notifies workers promptly when their drill gets too hot – warning them when they should stop.

The further the drill gets through the ground without pausing, it becomes too hot and can break – which is why J-type thermocouples are vital in these settings. 

Food production

J-type temperature sensors have several functions within the food production industries. They’re used in everything from clean-in-place sensors and penetration probes to oven control and food chain monitoring.

Also, according to The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, all commercial catering equipment must be fitted with a flame supervision device (AKA, a thermocouple) so that the gas supply will cease if the flame is extinguished.

So, why should I choose a J-type thermocouple?

Because of their broad temperature range, J-type thermocouples are some of the most popular on the market. 

They’re made from nickel/copper alloy which can accurately measure temperatures between 0◦C and 816◦C – making them much more affordable than their K-type counterparts. But this isn’t to say that their quality is compromised. 

They have lots of wiggle room for customisation in terms of probe length and diameter, making them ideal for a variety of applications.

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