Sonny Boy Episode 10 is the latest and the upcoming episode of the series. This series is loved by the youth. We will share with you the latest updates of the same with the release date and where the episode is going to be accessible on, so stay tuned.


Plot: Sonny Boy Episode 10

This is about a middle school student, Nagara who has his summer vacations started in the school. Two other children meet him and form a trio of, Nagara, Nozomi, and classmates like Mizuha and Asazake. They are driven away from their school life to a new road. They all waken up with new powers and skills, let us see who survives.

Sonny Boy Episode 10 

The summer vacation came up with a new superpower in all 36 students of the school. Nagara, Nozomi and Asakaze, and Rajdhani continued to search the new world and started with different missing reports of the students. The first one was like the frozen black shells.

The vast frozen waste and the twins managed to get through and take away. Ms. Aki says that the reverse power that the Nagara and the others are going to assist. Yama questioned Sakura on Mizuho’s cat.

Release Date: Sonny Boy Episode 10

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