Spirit Chronicles Episode 7 is set to release soon. Get to know when are the release date and spoilers and everything you need to before its release

Spirit Chronicles (精霊幻想記 ) is based on a Japanese light novel named the same. It was illustrated by Riv and written by Yuri Kitayama. It was adapted into anime by TMS entertainment. The first episode premeired in July 2021.

Spirit Chronicles Episode 7

Spirit Chronicles Episode 7: Spoilers

In Spirit Chronicles Episode 6, Rio is received into the demi-human village as a sworn friend in a formal ceremony.  Reiss Vulfe misleads Rio and his companions, promising them that he will return soon. In the meantime, he reaches the cave and steals the rest of the eggs.

Alma, Sara, and orphia were about to comfort the intruders, they get to know about the Wyverns. Rio then takes Latifa for a walk to tell her about him leaving the village and she can’t come. Latifa doesn’t take the talk very well and runs away from him crying over the possibility of her brother now being with him.

Spirit Chronicles Episode 7

While she was running away, she was confronted by a Wyvern who was about to attack her, but Rio saves her by defeating the monster. Later we can see that she accepts him leaving.

In Spirit Chronicles Episode 7, Rio is set to head to the Yagumo region where his parents are originally from. His journey to the place is not expected to be smooth. The trailer for the episode is released which might give more hints about the next episode more.


Spirit Chronicles Episode 7: Release date

Spirit Chronicles Episode 7

Spirit Chronicles premiered its first episode on 6th July 2021. The latest episode is set to release on 17th August 2021 in Japan. The name of the Spirit Chronicles Episode 7 is titled ” PROMISED LAND“.

Where to watch Spirit Chronicles Episode 7?

Spirit Chronicles Episode 7

The English translation is available on Crunchyroll. All other translations such as Spanish, Portuguese and Italian are also available.

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