Watch Online Drugstore In Another World Episode 8 : Release Date, And Everything You Should Know

Drugstore in another world episode 8 is also known as The slow life of a cheat pharmacist. This is a Japanese light novel series that was written and illustrated by Kennoji. Between 2016-2020 this series was published online on the website  Shōsetsuka ni Narō. Drugstore in another world

The anime adaptation was announced by the Hifumi Shob at Comiket 98 on 28th December 2019, and then on 25th May 2020, it got revealed on television series. This series has been compiled into five tankobon volumes as of December 2018.

When Drugstore in another world episode 8 will be releasing?Drugstore in another world

The slow life of a pharmacist episode 8 has been released on 25th August 2021 Wednesday at around 10:00 PM. This slow life of a pharmacist is remaining with 4 episodes more and then it will get end.

Where you can watch Drugstore in another world episode 8

You can watch Drugstore in another world episode 8 on the below-given platforms-

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  • Crunchyroll,
  • VRV,
  • Aniplus, and
  • Twitter

What is the series Drugstore in another world episode 8 is about ??

The story is of a Reiji who is so frustrated person in the series, who has found the way of another world and has been sent over there. Over there we will see him learning skills of making the medicines. Still, he will be seeing sad and disappointed not being having any combat skills.


Then something got changed in his life that one day he becomes so popular overnight with just one poster he had created. Now with his relevant skills, he will be enjoying his life. Eager to know more about what will happen next, do watch it online on given platforms.

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