Watch Online Case Closed Season 29 Episode 81: Release Date And Latest Updates!

The anime series, ‘Case Closed’ is one of the longest running anime of the community with a huge popularity. Today, in this article we will provide you details regarding it’s latest upcoming episode, ‘Case Closed Season 29 Episode 81’ along with it’s release date and other latest updates that you may wanna know. So let’s get started.

Case Closed Season 29 Episode 81

More About ‘Case Closed’

‘Case Closed’, additionally called Detective Conan is one of the most popular Japanese detective manga collection written by Gosho Aoyama who also provided the illustrations himself. It has been serialized in Shogakukan‘s Weekly Shonen Sunday since January 1994, with its chapters amassed in 99 volumes as of April 2021. Due to felony troubles with the call ‘Detective Conan’, the English language releases from Funimation and Viz have been renamed to ‘Case Closed’.

Case Closed Season 29 Episode 81

The manga was adapted into an anime television series by Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation and TMS Entertainment, which premiered in January 1996. Funimation licensed the anime series for North American broadcast in 2003 under the name Case Closed with the characters given Americanized names. In March 2013, Funimation began streaming their licensed episodes of Case Closed however Crunchyroll simulcast them in 2014.

The latest ongoing season of the anime series which is ‘Case Closed Season 29’ premiered on May 11, 2019 and till now has aired 80 episodes successfully.

Case Closed: Plot Summary

Case Closed Season 29 Episode 81

The story follows the secondary school analyst Shinichi Kudo (renamed as Jimmy Kudo in numerous English interpretations) who was changed into a youngster while exploring a secretive association and addresses a huge number of cases while mimicking his closest childhood companion’s dad and other different characters.

Case Closed Season 29 Episode 81: Release Date

Case Closed Season 29 Episode 81

The latest forthcoming episode of the anime series, ‘Case Closed Season 29 Episode 81’ titled as “The Antique Tray Can’t Be Hidden (Part Three)” is scheduled to be released on September 25, 2021. As for now, no delay reports have been confirmed officially.

Where To Watch ‘Case Closed Season 29 Episode 81’?

Case Closed Season 29 Episode 81

There is right now no legitimate method to watch each episode of the anime series outside of Japan. Funimation‘s name, Case Closed, has totally evaporated from legitimate sources following the rights slip by, and keeping in mind that Crunchyroll is doing good at subbing and staying aware of the current flow scenes, it’s missing a large number of the seasons.

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