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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a Japanese anime collection created as the manga series named ‘Naruto’. It is directed by Fukui and written by Okubo. The Hidden Leaf Village is the place where Boruto lives and he is the son of village leader, Naruto.

In this article you will get to gain lots of information regarding the release date and where to watch Boruto Episode 210 with extra news. So, let’s begin.

Boruto Episode 210

Recap: Boruto Episode 209

Boruto comforts Kawaki as Kawaki asks if they were doubting him. Naruto solutions that they may have some misunderstandings. After mealtime, Boruto gathers his weaponries to train with Miuki. 

Kawaki denies to train. Training will make their Karma to resound. Boruto get angry as Kawaki refused to do so. Far ahead, Kawaki does his task of the households.

What Will Happen in Boruto Episode 210 ?

The legal preview trailer beneath suggests Naruto and Shikamaru scheduling to discover the cult out. You will get to know more information on Kara association.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is titled as ‘Clues to Kara’. Shikamaru is able to get thorough the cult. Still, how they will be able to find information linking to Kara? Is still hidden.

Release Date

Finally, the wait is over for the Baruto followers. Boruto Episode 210 is deliberately to launch on 8 August, 2021 i.e. the upcoming Sunday at 3:30 am EST.

Watch Boruto Episode 210 Online

You can watch the preceding and succeeding episodes on various platforms linked below.

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