Bob’s Burger Season 12 Episode 1 is set to premiere soon.  The new season is most awaited by the fans. They are curious how the story will move forward. Get to know about the series and the release date.

 Bob's Burger Season 12 Episode 1

Bob’s Burger is an animated sitcom or series. It was created by Loren Bouchard for the Fox Broadcasting company. The series was developed by Bouchard after Home movies. Even though the reaction to the first season was mixed but the feedback of the preceding seasons was improving better. Reruns of the series were aired in Cartoon Between late-night broadcasting block. Other than the release of the new season, there is also a new movie which is going to release in the next year.

Bob’s Burger: Basic Plot

 Bob's Burger Season 12 Episode 1

The series is set to revolve around the Belcher family which consists of Bob and Linda and also their 3 children Tina, Gene, and Louise. They run a hamburger restaurant.

 Bob's Burger Season 12 Episode 1

Bob’s Burger is located between two commercial buildings. It is a green two-storied building where on the second floor the belcher family lives. One of the two commercial building houses it’s your funeral home and Cermotorium and another one is a running gag which is shown in the opening credits to be a new business every week which has the names of a elebroated puns.

 Bob's Burger Season 12 Episode 1

Episodes sometimes involve a single storyline that involves all the Belchers family or will have two different stories running simultaneously from different groups of family. The family interacts with many reoccurring characters who might also be the residents of the town.

Bob’s Burger Season 12 Episode 1: Release date

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Bob’s Burger Season 12  is going to premiere with Bob’s Burger Season 12 Episode 1 titled ” Manic Pixie Crap Show” on September 26, 2021. There isn’t going to be any delay in the airing of the episode as they have not made any official announcement on the delay. So, be ready to see the new season of the series.

Bob’s Burger: Production

On September 23, 2020. Bob’s Burgers was announced for the renewal for the next new seasons which are Bob’s Burger Season 12  and season 13. As Bob’s Burger Season 12 Episode 1 has started airing we can expect the next season to start soon after this one has ended. And it can also be assured that it will continue to air till 2023.

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