“Death Sentence” is the title of Platinum End Episode 5. The anime series’ fourth episode ended on a dramatic cliffhanger. The litter girl was begging for her life as Metropoliman was about to kill her.

Her angel attempted to help him as well, but it was in vain. Mirai became enraged after witnessing a young girl being tortured. As a result, he immediately considered entering the fight.Watch Manga Platinum End Episode 5 Online: Release Date & Plot and preview

However, he will be taking a big risk by doing so because it will show that he is a God candidate. As a result, it will be interesting to watch if they can save this girl. In the next episode of the anime, a new God candidate will be revealed, who will ally with Mirai and Saki.

Platinum End Episode 5: Plot Details

Watch Manga Platinum End Episode 5 Online: Release Date & Plot and preview

Mirai’s reaction to the current scenario will be explored in the upcoming episode. He was preparing to shoot Metropoliman with the red arrow at the end of the previous episode. However, Nasse is likely to prevent him from doing so in the upcoming episode because it would jeopardize his life. Nasse will face Metropoliman and inform him that torturing Chiyo is pointless because no other God candidate will emerge.

In Platinum End Episode 5, he will still kill Chiyo with a white arrow. Nanato, another God contender, will be introduced in the following episode. He is in the latter stages of cancer and has already given up hope. Nanato will appear, looking for Saki and Mirai, and will request that they collaborate.

Previous Episode of Platinum End Recap!

Watch Manga Platinum End Episode 5 Online: Release Date & Plot and preview

The fight of Metro Blue and Metro Yellow to penetrate Metropoliman with a red arrow was depicted in the fourth episode of Platinum End. They were, however, taken aback when their arrow failed to fire. The two knew right once that the person in front of them was merely a decoy, controlled by the actual God candidate. As a result, the true Metropoliman arrived and informed the couple that they were far too weak. He also agreed that the individual in the stadium was only a ruse.

As a result, Metropoliman informed them that they needed to leave the stadium. When they were second-guessing themselves, a small girl arrived and told them to save her. She’s also a God contender. Metro Blue and Yellow enlisted the assistance of other candidates in the stadium.

Metro Pink and Green arrived but were immediately attacked by red arrows. By the end of the episode, Metropoliman had used his arrows to kill both Blue and Yellow and was tormenting the little girl.

Platinum End Episode 5: Release Date

Watch Manga Platinum End Episode 5 Online: Release Date & Plot and preview

The anime series will only get more exciting from here on out. The first four episodes drew a lot of attention, and the remaining episodes are going to blow people’s minds. On November 5, 2021, Platinum End Episode 5 will be released. Platinum End will have a new episode available on Anime Digital Network and Crunchyroll.

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