War of The Worlds season 3 release date: Renewal of Epix series

After the huge success of its season 2 that turned over Epix, the next big thing every fan wants to know is when War of The Worlds season 3 would arrive. And, when the popular network announced that they are bringing back the show for its next season, fans became super excited. With official news that the show would air in 2022, it could be expected that the show would be enriched with an immense extravaganza and a huge number of effects and would be a good watch. Now, as season 2 has come to its end and season 3 is yet to be explored, let’s dive into what would be happening in War of The Worlds season 3.

A glimpse of War of The Worlds season 3

It could be expected that the cast of season 3 would include Lea Drucker, Daisy Edgar Jones, Gabriel Byrne, Natasha Little, Stephane Caillard, Adel Bencheriff, Stephen Campbell Moore, Ty Tennant, Bayo Gbadamosi, Aaron Heffernan, and Emilie de Pressac. Apart from these old members, new faces can be witnessed like Ernest Kingsley Junior, Molly Windsor, Oliver Hembrough, and Madeleine Worral. Seeing the storyline of the show, the secret of time travel could be revealed in season 3. Another lead for season 3 could be future flashbacks coming to Emily and Zoe.

Fate of War of The Worlds season 3

Alien invasion future got averted in its season 2 when fans see Bill Ward traveling back into time before the alien invasion just to stop it. This ultimately means that aliens never invade the earth and life goes smoothly. At the end of season 2, Bill could be seen in a newspaper headline about his arrest for the murder of Emily. This is the best thing Bill needs to do to avert the alien timeline, as Emily was an alien ancestor. Thus, in season 3, fans could see Bill explaining to court about the murder of a teenage girl, just to prevent an alien invasion. But, will anyone believes Bill? Stay tuned till its release and wear your seat belts to watch an interesting season.

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