Victoria 2 Best Console Commands ,Overview and Everything You Need To Know

Victoria II is a very famous grand strategy game which was released in 2010 and has gained a good fan base and here are some of the best console commands, that is what the cheat codes for this game are called and these will make your gaming experience more fun.

Victoria 2 Best Console Commands:

  • Money: money[amount]: This will the whatever amount you specified in the bracket added to your nation’s balance
  • Prestige: prestige[amount]: This will add the amount of prestige you specify in the bracket to your nation.
  • Leadership: leadership[amount]: This will add the specified amount of leadership to your nation.
  • Goods: goods[amount]: This will add the number of goods you specify to your sum of existing goods
  • Plurality: plurality[amount]: The number you specify in the brackets the plurality of your nation will be set to that, it won’t add the amount to your plurality.
  • Revolt: revolt[province id]: This will start a revolt in whatever province you specify.
  • Accept deals: yesmen: This will allow AI to accept all the deals except deals made with AI. Use debug prefix if playing in Hearts of Darkness DLC.
  • Change country: tag[country’s tag in 3 letters, eg. ENG for England ]: This will change your current country to the country you specify.
  • Change owner: changeowner[country tag] [province id]: This will change the current owner of the specified province to the specified country tag.
  • Conquer area: conquerall[country tag]: This command will conquer all the land of the country you specify.
  • Start election: election: This will start the general election in the country you’re playing in.
  • Surrendering to rebels: break: This command will make your country surrender to all the top-level rebels in your country.

Victoria 2 Best Console Commands and Everything You Need To Know

Console commands for Hearts of Darkness DLC:

  • Money information: debug allmoney: shows all information for all the transfers made.
  • Remove war goal limitations: debug alwaysaddwargoal: Removes limits for war goal, you can add any war goal you like.
  • Railroad visibility: showrails: This will make the railroads visibility mode on
  • Switch off market price change: debug market – Turns on/off a log of price changes.
  • Researches tech information: addreseach[techid]:  This code researches whole information of the given technology

These are some console commands that may come in handy in your game.

Victoria 2 Overview:

Victoria II was developed by Paradox development studios and was released in 2010 for PC. The gameplay for this game is the same as its predecessor where the players have to control the internal management of a country with their government they’ve to control everything from politics to economy.Victoria 2 Best Console Commands and Everything You Need To Know

The background of the game is set in the 19-century and has many historic references. The game has everything you can think of from 50-types of goods and factories, the game even has proper religions, cultures, and occupations for the country’s people. There are different tasks throughout the game and basically, you just have to control the country’s warfare, economy, etc.

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