The police chief in charge of the investigation into the stabbing deaths of four University of Idaho students at a nearby house said they had not been able to answer many of the most pressing questions about the crime, such as how their roommates weren’t disturbed during the killings at night and where the killer might be.

Did you hear about the eerie murders of four Idaho students?The shocking news that four students had been killed off-campus prompted an investigation into the University.Students and professors are providing updates as the investigation continues.
People are traumatized when they hear about the horrifying murders of students.This article, Update on Idaho Murders, will attempt to provide additional details.

Moscow Police Chief James Fry stated on Wednesday that authorities have not yet identified a suspect nor located a knife that was used in the stabbing of students. The police have also released new details.e This is comparable to Mabbutt’s statement to NewsNation that he thought the murderer used a “pretty big knife.”

A timeline and a map showing where the victims were last Saturday were included in the authorities’ release on Friday.The students separated for the majority of the night, as shown on the map, before meeting at home.

The attack did not kill two of their roommates.

The four friends were killed, according to the police, while two female roommates were also in the house.They were not, however, attacked.

The victims had slept through their deaths, according to the investigation.The residence has six bedrooms, with two on each floor.The victims were discovered on the third and second floors, according to the police.

The roommates called their friends when they awoke because one of the stabbing victims was still asleep, according to the police.

As per police, they don’t completely accept that that anybody was available in the house at the time the emergency call was made was engaged with the wrongdoing.


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