Are you looking for the latest information about the Iowa State Park family murder? For more information, please read our Tyler Schmidt Funeral article.

A recent accident at Iowa State Park resulted in only one survivor. It was a nine-year old boy. You can share your knowledge about the accident in our comments section.

The accident happened in the United States. After police arrived, a family was reported to have been attacked in an Iowa State park. The police found a nine-year-old boy still alive at the crime scene after they searched it. To help them, the family organized Tyler Schmidt Funeral.

The Reports

Three people were killed in eastern Iowa after the incident. An investigation is ongoing. The incident occurred at Maquoketa caves State Park campgrounds. Three people from the same family were discovered dead. Both Tyler Schmidt and Sarah Schmidt, both 42 years old, were found dead along with their six-year-old daughter Lula. Arlo, Arlo’s son, was able to survive the accident. Investigators claim that their bodies were found in the tent.

What’s Happening?

The family is from Cedar Falls. They are mourning together with the rest Tyler Schmidt Cedar Falls Iowa community. We are here for her to share what she heard from the mayor. You can see the GoFundMe page the Cedar Falls mayor shared. You can see Tyler and Sarah Schmidt. But you can also see Lula Schmidt and a nine year-old boy, who the mayor said is safe on Facebook. This is a social media post.

“Arlo who he states is the son Sarah and Tyler Schmidt did make it through this attack,” he stated. The mayor said that he was familiar with Sarah and had previously worked with her at a library presentation.

Tyler Schmidt Obituary

Sarah worked in Cedar Falls at the public library. Because of the passing of a close friend, staff at the library announced that they would not open today. Mayor Green was available to talk to us today. He gave us the GoFundMe link. The Iowa DCI is yet to comment on what happened. Their agents continue to investigate a wide range of matters.

What does it look like?

According to investigators, Anthony Sherwin was 23 years old and from La Vista. He was also found at the Tyler Schmidt Cedar Falls Iowa campgrounds. He appeared to have shot himself in his head. The story is still unsolved.

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Cedar Falls children have already created posters with Sarah’s name. Everyone was shocked by the tragedy .

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