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Tracking Applications in Logistics: Why Are They Important?

You have definitely heard about cases in logistics when business owners had not received their cargo because it had been lost. Moreover, almost every entrepreneur can tell you a “funny” story about his or her lost parcels, containers, documents, etc. The issue of lost cargo is rather relevant in modern logistics.

The main reasons to install a tracking application on your smartphone or tablet are the following:

·        You can control the movements of your cargo.

It’s enough just to launch an application on your smartphone and you’ll see where your cargo is at the moment. You can also see the whole route.  

·        You always know an estimated time of arrival.

You do not need to call your broker dozens of times to ask when your goods will arrive. You can find this information in your application. Moreover, depending on the type of software, the date may be adjusted to the altering conditions.  

·        You are to receive alerts in case of an emergency.

If something goes wrong, you’ll definitely receive a notification. It may include information about the type of emergency, possible delays, contact information, etc.  

·        It is available for all logistics services.

It doesn’t matter whether you order white glove logistics services or expedited transportation, you can use tracking tools.

Most freight shipping companies offer their own tracking applications. You have just to download the needed app on your smartphone, register in the system, and all information will be on your device.

Moreover, tracking applications make your communication with freight forwarders easier and more effective. You do not need to bother brokers with endless questions about the location of your items and can clarify only essential details. At the same time, if it happens that you cooperate with  

The following tips will help you to make your experience of using tracking apps as cool as possible:

·        Use only top-rated or recommended apps. It isn’t a good idea to download the first application you find on the Internet. If you do so, you risk becoming a victim of scammers.

·        Check the information you input. The first time you register in the app, you have to input information about your cargo. If you make mistakes, you are unlikely to receive accurate data.  

·        Avoid providing private data. As a rule, such applications do not require personal data. If they do, it is not a good sign. Unless an app is designed especially for the logistics company you work with and you are 100% sure the software is reliable, you should not provide any personal data.  

·        Pay attention to settings. It’s up to you to switch on the needed notifications and alerts.  

·        Choose the best connection. There are apps that can work with the Internet or without. The latter variant is more preferable.   

At the same time, even the best app can’t fully replace communication with freight forwarders. You still can contact a focal point to clarify the details of delivery, and discuss possible problems, or difficulties.

To sum it up, it should be highlighted that tracking applications are a must if you want to experience trouble-free freight forwarding. They are your best helpers when it comes to controlling the cargo transportation process. Moreover, it’s possible to select an application that meets your needs and expectations.  

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