Are you aware about the Makati Tower’s elevator collapse? Is this how it happened? If you don’t know the story, this article may be of interest to you. The collapse of Makati’s tower elevator is now the most popular news in the Philippines.

We will be covering every detail regarding Tower Makati Burgundy as well as the collapse. You can read more about the incident on our blog.

Details about Burgundy Tower:

This is a 38-storey Tower. This building can be found in San Lorenzo Village’s Gil Puyat Avenue in Makati City. The tower’s location means that residents can easily access any type of transport. The building has an average floor area of 1430 sq miles and covers 54000 sq mi. The floors have a 90% efficiency. The Burgundy Corporate Tower is near many shopping centers and retail shops. This makes it very flexible for residents to purchase anything.

Tower collapse in Burgundy:

People are shocked at the news of the burgundy Tower incident. Many people want to know more about the collapse after learning about this incident. According to the report, the elevator lost control and crashed from the 38th floor down to the 6th. This terrible accident left two people injured.

The incident is currently under investigation by police. After the disaster in Burgundy Tower Makati, the Bureau of fire protection and Disaster management office in Makati commented.

According to reports, the accident was caused by the deaths of the DLC contractor worker and the elevator operator. After seeing the incident on social media early Friday morning, many people were shocked and continue to share this information on social networks. The incident is still being investigated.

Sources say that the incident happened before dawn, when the installers were trying replace the nonfunctional elevator car on Burgundy tower and Gil Puyat Avenue. Below is more information about the incident and its victims.

Additional details about Tower Makati Burgundy Corporate event:

It is believed that 4 people were killed in the Burgundy tower elevator collapse. Two people were confirmed dead and the two other victims suffered severe injuries. Police investigating the incident said that the victims were fixing an elevator on the 6th Floor. The elevator suddenly lost its control and crashed to the 38th level.

The tragic incident with the Burgundy tower elevator collapse was very disturbing. This article contains all details. To learn more about the Burgundy tower lift collapse click this link

This article provides all the details regarding Tower Makati Burgundy as well as additional information about its elevator collapse incident.

Is Burgundy tower’s elevator falling? Your comments are welcome.


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