Online slot games have taken a toll in recent years, and people are actually head over heels with newer versions of traditional slot games. This rise in popularity has given birth to newer and better types of slot games too. 

So, if you’re a fan of slot games too and are wondering what exactly are the top slot types these days, then you’ve landed at the right place. Check out selected top-rated slot casino sites online. Let’s get in and find out more about top slot types in 2022!

Top 8 Slot Types

There are a whole lot of slot types, and you can earn quite a fortune by playing them online. But some slots just rank higher than the others. We’ll be looking into the slot types that are actually on top of their game. 

  1. Progressive Slots 

Progressive slots were particularly famous in their physical form. But now, they’re also introduced on different online platforms. All the users playing progressive slots contribute to a shared pot. In the end, there is only one winner who wins everything. So, if you win in progressive slots, you win big. 

  1. Reel Slots 

Reel slots are rather traditional, and you would have to pull a lever to make the reels spin. You’ll get whatever prize is allocated to that particular reel. But now that everything is going online, you can just tap a button to spin the reels instead of actually pulling the lever. But you’ll get a reward every time you land on a reel with money or coins. 

  1. Wild Play Slots 

Wild Play slots are the most famous kind of online gambling. With these slots, you can get 5 times the actual value of your bet. Though there are low chances of winning if you do win, it’s pretty iconic. Many online Wild Play Slots offer multiplayer gambling mode, and you can also get a payout table in most Wild Play slot games online. 

  1. Multi-Game Slots 

These slots allow users to play multiple games at the same time. You can roll on the slots while playing casino games, which keeps you occupied. You’re also more likely to win something if you’re playing multiple games simultaneously. 

  1. Video Bingo Slots 

Video bingo is a little drift forward from what we usually call traditional slot games. But it most certainly could be counted as a slot type with an electronic video card. Video bingo is an online game that features a 5×5 card and has 90 balls. You can quite easily hit the jackpot with this sort of game because of the obvious chances of winning.

  1. Multi-Line Slots 

This slot game is a multi-line that makes your online gambling a lot more fun and interesting. The player can decide how many lines he wants, and they could wager one coin on a single line. Though gamers often wager a whole lot of coins on one line, it actually gives them a thrill. It is also a reason why this slot game has become particularly popular in the online gaming world. 

  1. Bonus Multiplayer 

You can activate all the different kinds of combinations with just one coin in the bonus multiplayer game. You also get a bonus payout, and the winner gets a jackpot that has a substantial prize. But, you can get the jackpot if you wager more coins. But, we would suggest you go for one coin wager because there is less risk and more chances of winning. 

  1. Buy a Pays 

The winning chances in Buy a Pays are comparatively higher. It is because you can increase your chances manually by wagering more coins. Experts even suggest that you should risk more coins on these slot games because it increases your chances of winning and buying a mega-yacht in Metaverse


Wrapping up, Slot games have gotten huge hype because you can play them from your home and land some unbelievable cash. Adventure lovers particularly go for these games because they’re risky and offer a thrill factor. 

We would highly suggest you go for these top slot types as hundreds of online games are available for these slot types. Make sure to not risk a whole lot of your coins if you’re a beginner in slot games because that could actually backfire. Best of luck! 


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