Washington state is the most famous American state.  It has completely different colorful landscapes since it is located in the northwest.  Here you can see both the snow-capped mountain ranges and the picturesque area of ​​Puget Bay surrounded by forests.

This state has the largest city called Seattle.  This city is known throughout the world for its achievements in high technology.  This city is inexorably fast paced into the future, producing more and more technological solutions to any problem.  According to the Washington Technology Industry Association, there are about 800 different companies, universities and other institutions in this city that are associated with technological progress. This is a colossal result.

Naturally, if there is technological progress, it affects various areas. Today we will talk about game companies in Seattle.

The gaming industry has dramatically globally covered the world with a wave and there is no longer such a person who has not played any video game or heard such words as CS:GO or Dota.  What can I say if there are real team tournaments like the world football championships only for gamers!  This is a real new world culture, which can even become a source of profit.

So let’s find out where in Seattle these sources exist from which the world’s top games are produced! Where is this great beginning?  Which companies might need you?  Whose services will you need?  Today we will introduce you to these companies by making small reviews on them!

  1. PopCap Games

This company has been on the market for 22 years and currently has more than five hundred employees.  The main direction is casual games that are simple in their rules.  The basic model of all games is the try-and-buy format.  That is, you can try out and play the game, and then decide whether you need it.  The very first of the games is Bejeweled. Its circulation is more than 25 million copies worldwide.  This is a great number!

  1. FlowPlay

Few people know that Seattle, like the famous Las Vegas, is famous for its casinos, and it is this company that deals with virtual casinos.  FlowPlay has a large fan base of 75 million people who live in different parts of the world.  These are the most diverse people, of different professions and ages, but they are united by one preference in games!  But not only the casino is building fame. You can also download a variety of online games related to sports.

  1. Big Fish Games

The name of this company is fully consistent with the overall dimensions.  After all, this is another company that deals with casual games and has many users.  They have their own website where you can find a variety of games to your taste.  And there are about a million downloads a day.  There is also an hour trial before purchase.

  1. Kevuru Games

Kevuru Games is the most productive and productive company that offers the most diverse services.  First of all, we want to note that in addition to the American headquarters, it also has them in Ukraine.  Since 2011, the ranks of the team of workers have been replenished by more than 350 people. The most important difference of the company is its large client base.  After all, the main direction of their activity is development services.

Advantages of Choosing Video Game Companies in Seattle

As mentioned earlier, Seattle is indeed a city of technology.  According to statistics, residents are the most educated and advanced.  That is, the logical conclusion is the fact that the companies that work in Seattle are distinguished by their productivity and well-trained team.

The variety of companies and their services is also impressive.  After all, you will definitely find what you like exactly for you.


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