We have compiled a selection of the most popular eSports games. Here the world’s best gamers collide, earning millions of dollars each year. 

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League of Legends

The MOBA League of Legends, the brainchild of Riot Games, is considered to be the most popular eSports discipline in the world. The number of gamers, referred to here as “conscripts” has long since passed the 100 million mark. But the project is significantly inferior to Dota 2 in terms of money that can be earned from championships and leagues.

In addition to the official League of Legends World Championship that takes place annually since 2011, there is a Continental League, where participants are selected for the World Cup.

Rocket League

Rocket League is a competitive game with gameplay that is a mix of racing and football. Players try to win in a variety of arenas. Fast growing community of the project motivated the developers to develop Rocket League as a cybersport discipline. While planning the development, the players were already challenging each other in unofficial tournaments.

The first official competition was the Rocket League Championship Series, held in 2016. The prize pool was 55,000 dollars and the final was held in California. It was not long before a second season was announced, and the prize pool was increased several times over. As of 2022, the Rocket League Championship Series is still running. 


Needless to say about the popularity of this game – it still sits on the throne of Twitch, and has no intention of giving up this place. Epic Games have seriously contributed to their brainchild quickly joining the cyber sports disciplines, with the prize pool for the 2018-2019 tournaments amounting to $100m. In comparison, over the same period, participants in the League of Legends tournaments have shared $12m between them.

This is interesting: Kyle Bugha Giersdorf is the winner of the Fortnite World Cup in 2019. He received $3m for his achievement and became one of the world’s 10 richest cyber athletes.

As of 2022, the Vulkan Fortnite continues to feel great about cybersport. New seasons of official Fortnite Champion Series competitions open every year, as well as numerous amateur matches.


The action-shooter Overwatch made its way into eSports as soon as it was released. The first leagues to appear were in Asia (APEX, OPS and OPC). The prize fund of such regional tournaments immediately amounted to 300 thousand U.S. dollars. Next championships on Overwatch made their way to America and Europe. Here it developed into tournaments:

  • Major League Gaming;
  • DreamHack;
  • Intel Extreme Masters. 

Truth be told, the prizes are not so big here – they rarely exceed 100 thousand. Among well-known teams, the Overwatch League has their own line-ups:

  • Cloud9;
  • Immortals;
  • Team EnVyUs;
  • Lunatic-Hai;
  • NRG eSports;
  • Misfits.


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