No one would disagree that content is the king in recent times. People get attracted to a business website because of its content. It has been observed by a study that content plays a crucial role in brand awareness. Similarly, it has been found that high-quality content is a prominent factor that enhances sales and helps a business grow fast. However, the quality of the content is a critical factor that enables you to reap all the benefits and get the most out of it.

Writing is a laborious task that often requires massive effort and research from the writer. Furthermore, you must have a firm knowledge of grammar rules and regulations. A writer should also know about appropriate wordplay while crafting content. Moreover, having useful and advanced tools must be in your bucket to create unique and high-quality content within a limited time. 

In this blog, we are going to uncover the top 5 tools you should try as a content writer. The use of these tools will definitely serve you in creating engaging and appealing content in a short span. Therefore, we suggest you read this blog till the end to have a better understanding of the tools. 

Plagiarism Checker 

The exclusiveness of the text is the foremost thing that is needed by a writer. Writers who provide well-written and unique content often succeed in getting the appreciation of their audience. But, if a writer fails to offer exclusive content, he/she may have to pay a massive price for that. Plagiarism is a serious issue that can damage the fame and reputation of a writer and throw his career into dust within no time. Therefore, it is inevitable for a writer to ensure the exclusiveness of text before publishing it online or sharing it with supervisors to prevent any unpleasant situation. The assistance of a plagiarism checker is highly useful in detecting instances of duplication in writing. You can use to check for plagiarism without facing any hassle. This tool is completely free to use and offers you fast and reliable plagiarism check reports


Trello is an excellent web-based facility that allows multiple members of the team to manage various tasks and projects collectively using cards and lists. A writer can consult with his/her mates regarding a topic using this facility. Moreover, this tool also enables team members to manage schedules, review deadlines, etc., using the calendar view.

Paraphrasing Tool 

The writers often come across a situation where they ask to deliver content within a few hours. Writing high-quality and plagiarism free content in a limited time is quite challenging. However, the advancement in technology has now provided us with various utilities that can help us in coming out of this complex situation. For example, you can use an online paraphrasing tool to generate engaging and completely unique content within a few seconds. However, you need a well-written article to upload on a paraphraser to get rephrased content. 

Google Docs 

This is another highly useful tool for content writers. Google docs tool is highly appreciated because of its easy-to-use interface. Moreover, the writer can find tons of templates on this utility that help them compose an extensive type of content and share them with other users without facing any convolutions. The use of Google docs will also allow writers to craft content easily without installing Word on their devices. 

Grammar Checker 

Many newbies, especially those who are non-native to the English language, often find themselves worried because of the grammatical errors in their content. The less grip on grammatical structures and inappropriate sentence structure make their content less attractive and full of flaws. Individuals searching for a tool that can assist them in finding grammar mistakes can perform a grammar check online. A grammar check can proofread your text and highlights grammar and spelling mistakes in content instantly. The use of this facility serves you in finding your errors and helps you polish your writing skills.  

 Final Words!

Content writing is highly in-demand these days, and if you are also planning to step into this field, then this is a perfect time. The tools we have shared above will be extensively useful for the writers and assist them in crafting flawless and exclusive content. Furthermore, the use of tools like plagiarism checker and grammar checker will enable writers to ensure that their writing is unique and free of grammatical errors. Moreover, these tools will reduce your efforts and assist in writing inspiring content within a short span.


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