One of the most amazing series franchise ‘Pirates of The Caribbean‘ being the most entertaining one featuring some of the funniest and most memorable moments. The best part of this movie being among those which is never too old to entertain the viewers one can watch on loop and it’s still entertaining. Well, the internet is flooded with the pirate’s meme and will instantly lift your mood too. However, here we have top 5 pirate’s meme which will not only entertain you but also will remind you some of your favorite scenes and moments in the franchise.

Top 5 Pirate’s Meme

1. Pirate Meme

This meme perfectly defines today’s scenario of politic and madness both being the same. Well, this meme is really relatable as well as hilarious and therefore being on the top of the list.

2. Pirate Meme

As the saying goes, that all fans of the franchise have become very fond of. However, when one gives a thought to it, the entire aim of being a pirate is summarized in these few words. If a prates see it they just take it. Even if the owner wants it back they might as well try it from the pirate’s cold, dead hands. A pirate is very good at justifying his actions in a theft by using these magic words. This meme for sure says it all.

3. Pirate Meme

Here comes the meme presenting the nightmares of most of the players hooked up with the open world games. Assassins Creed is the among of those examples where sneaking in and sneaking out is two different thing. One mistake and the authorities will be all over that player in a matter of seconds. Also, unfortunately as long as you are visible to them you can’t just protect yourself from being chased.

4. Pirate Meme

Jack hardly says the truth and therefore even if he say the truth it becomes difficult for his comrades to believe him. Obvious killing someone and being unaware of it that’s impossible but if Jacks forgets that he himself died somewhere that is quite possible ‘short term memory’. However, this world would be and easier place to survive by simply being in denial.

5. Pirate Meme

The perfect meme relatable to any pirate as they just can’t do without a bottle of rum.

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