Top 5 European Dishes You Should Try

European gastronomic culture is one of the most highly evolved in the world and has always played a pivotal role in people choosing to visit Europe’s countries. The need to try out new tastes, distinct flavors, and traditional cooking is one of the driving points of people visiting the continent, so why not do it yourself?

However, as there are so many excellent cuisines and dishes, it may take time to decide which ones are essential to try out, so we have put together a short list of the top 5 European dishes you should experience! Check it out! 

  1. Goulash

While very well-known in the Baltics, Goulash is actually a dish born in the Czech Republic and is considered their traditional meal. So, what exactly is it? 

The dish is perfect for a cold evening or times when you crave some comfort food. The steaming pork stew has added onions, and a lot of it, giving it some spice and a perfectly balanced flavor. Goulash is usually served with potato dumplings or slices of dark bread, and the very best place to try them out is the Czech Republic itself! 

Which is not at all difficult, really. Goulash is probably the cheapest and easiest meal to find on the menu, and if you do not like pork, it can be easily replaced with beef! 

  1. Viennese Apfelstrudel 

Continue your search for the best authentic European food by jumping on a Prague to Vienna train and tasting this Austrian deliciousness! 

There has been an ongoing argument between the Germans and the Austrians about the true origins of the Apfelstrudel, but there is a bit more evidence showing that the latter are the geniuses that constructed the desert. 

While the usual apple pie is common in most states, a genuine Viennese Apfelstrudel has a distinct taste due to its flaky pastry, apple filling, and additions of sugar and raisins. They say that the smell is enough to make your mouth water, and you cannot miss trying it out. So, you probably know what to eat the next time you are in Vienna! 

Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

After the finger-licking Viennese Apfelstrudel, jump on a train from Vienna to Budapest and get ready for another flavor explosion in your mouth! This Hungarian dish is the most European one you could ever hope to find. 

Generally, Hungarian cuisine is one of the raw ingredients, uncommon combinations, and unexpected spicing. Stuffed Cabbage Leaves are a very traditional meal that is the perfect example of how you can eat healthily and still enjoy the rich flavors.

Imagine your very best meat dumplings with perfectly-marinated filling, soft edges, and a humble sauce. Well, this is kind of like that, but instead of wrapping the meat in pastry, they use cabbage leaves with a side of spiced rice. The meal is loved all across Europe and is the perfect winter dish! 

  1. Paella

Once you leave Central Europe and its meaty dishes, it is time to try out something Mediterranean. Head to Spain for the tastiest, most savored, and most favorite meal of all – Paella. 

Born in Valencia, Paella is the go-to dish for the locals and a number one try-out for visitors! Consisting of cooked rice, spicing, vegetables, meat, or seafood, Paella is a fulfilling creation of rich tastes and an attractive execution. 

To enjoy it fully, we suggest ordering a cup of cold Sangria next to it and trying out the delicious combination. Of course, you can find Paella in any Spanish restaurant, but the word is out that the small local businesses make the most delectable one! Delicioso! 

  1. Pizza

Yes, yes! While you can get pizza anywhere, anytime, if you want to enjoy the authentic gastronomic culture in Europe, going back to its original roots is essential. And no one does it better than the Italians! 

Created in Naples, Italy, pizza is one of the top most popular meals in the world due to its primitive and quite cheap execution and effortless exquisite taste. While there has been debate on whether or not Romans were the ones who put the recipe together, Italians are undoubtedly the ones that made it into what it is today. 

People all over the world make pizza, playing around with ingredients, and mixing up unexpected flavors, but nothing tops the authentic Italian one. So the next time you are in the country, make sure to sit down and try their most prized possession – light, rich, and perfect pizza! 

There you go! Fill up your itinerary with these stunning dishes, and then – fill up your belly. These meals are just the top of what European cuisine has to offer, so we suggest trying out as much as you can. Best of luck, and, most importantly, enjoy!

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