Sci-fi genre is famous among many people in many different mediums. Whether it is for movie or for video games, people prefer sci fi genre as it is the new trend and mostly loved worldwide. RPGs are best to immerse people into sci fi world.


Sci-fi genre has a good story line and showed a fantasy world which is beyond anyone’s imagination. That’s a whole new world and a dream world for many. Even in novels, it portraits a thrilling and fascinated world.

Ranking Sci-fi Computer Games

1. Outer Wilds

This game was developed by Mobius digital and released in the year 2019. It is a first person open world game. The game revolves around exploring a small solar system, which has odd cosmic phenomenon and weird planets, nothing related as our solar system. The player is trapped in a time loop and given 20 minutes at a time to explore the solar system.

Ranking Sci-fi Computer Games

2. Homeworld Remastered Collection

2015 was the year this game released in gaming world for computers. It is considered as one of the best single player game. It has sights of thousand space ships. Battles are tactical, tough and tensed. There are many ships to command. It contains colossal battlefields too.

Ranking Sci-fi Computer Games

3. Observation

In this game, developer tried to show the perspective of artificial intelligence. It shows the virtual version of real NASA space station. The role of player, here, has to deal with the real life situations that real astronauts faced. But to add some difficulty, developers decided to include some supernatural things in this game.

Ranking Sci-fi Computer Games

4. Stellaris

The developer of this game is Paradox. It has grand strategy. The game guides player to explore the universe and form allies with the aliens roaming around. Large space battles are meant for the player to take part in.

Ranking Sci-fi Computer Games

5. No Man’s Land

No man’s land is a game with colourful graphics. And also it haa a technical boon to switch from land to space real quick. The recent update of this game came up with features like base building and mission system.

Ranking Sci-fi Computer Games

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