Top 5 Art Festivals to Visit Around the World

While galleries and museums are always fun and an excellent way for you to channel your inner art lover, there is an even more exciting option! Art festivals are yet to gain attention, but they are getting more and more popular by the day. So, if you are interested in learning craftsmanship and just enjoy watching, inspecting, and interacting, this is your chance!

For your next holiday, choose one of our suggested top 5 art festivals around the world, and prepare for some mind-blowing experiences! 

  1. Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Visual Arts

Kicking off with modern art, we urge you to look up the Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Visual Arts and all the events you can attend! 

Comprised of more than 70 contemporary art exhibitions, performances, shows, lectures, and other interactive events, the festival is known to be one of the highlights in Scotland. However, the tradition is relatively new and is still trying to gain an audience. As of now, the festival continues to have a new theme every year while inviting more than 100 artists to display their work. 

If you are in the city just for the festival, jump on the Glasgow to Edinburgh train to explore the rest of the entertainment in Scotland! 

  1. The European Fine Art Foundation

Probably the most significant in Europe, the European Art Foundation events, TEFAF for short, are held in the Netherlands every year in June or the New York City in May. Today, however, let’s stay in Europe! 

Having just celebrated its 35th anniversary, TEFAF is proud to present more and more artists working with them to show the world the best of olden and contemporary art in the world. Encompassing thousands of years of art, the Netherlands’ fairs are always highly planned-out and last for several days. 

Visit the TEFAF festival to inspect some of the best work on ceramics, jewelry, paintings, sculptures, and more. Also, expect some of the most entertaining programs and shows – no dull moment here! 

  1. Art Basel

Scattered over four locations each year, the Art Basel festival is probably the most exciting one on our list and can be attended in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Paris, and Miami Beach – the latter gaining the most attention and attendees! 

For years, the festival has been bringing well-known artists and just emerging amateurs for the most exciting showcases of contemporary art. Visitors can enjoy colorful exhibitions of paintings, digital art, ceramics, and several more, all while interacting with thousands of art lovers from all around the world.

The event usually takes place in December, so, as of now, you have plenty of time to purchase tickets. Just be quick about it; Art Basel is in high demand! 

  1. Amsterdam Art Fair

If you stay in France after the Art Basel exhibition and continuously hunt the best art festivals in the world, take the train from Paris to Amsterdam and explore the tremendous Dutch mind! 

The international fair lasts only a couple of days, but there is plenty to see and bring back home with you in these short 48 hours. Bringing in over 150 exhibitors from all around the world, the Dutch make it their mission to introduce the world to new artists, growing art forms, and unusual events. 

They also offer some of the works for sale, so keep that in mind while planning your budget for the trip! 

  1. Masterpiece

Lastly, let’s travel to London! Though, you might have to pack a nice tux or an evening dress for this one. 

Fully living up to its name, the Masterpiece exhibit in London is one of the highest-profile art events in Europe and is extremely well-known in the art world. Introducing you to years of history and culture, the gallery takes place each summer and shows off the most impressive and detailed work. 

And we are not just saying that! There are more than twenty committees responsible for picking out the best pieces and judging if they match the gallery’s requirements. So, safe to say you will only see the best of the best. 

There are plenty of podcasts, shows, and articles discussing the event, so you can do some more research, but given its lavish location, we suggest preparing for a posh evening! 

Enjoy the festivities and some of the most beautiful art pieces in the world! The great thing about it is that art grows every day, and there is increasingly more for us to see with each upcoming festival. So, give into the wave and enjoy all kinds of forms of expression and emotion. Good luck!

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