Top 3 Trending Games You must play this year!

Following are the top 3 trending games which you must play this year. They are all set to release in 2021.

Monster Hunter Rise:

Monster Hunter Rise is an Imminent action-role play game. This game is scheduled to release on 26th March 2021 on Nintendo Switch. Capcom has developed and published this game. Monster Hunter Rise is the sixth series of Monster Hunter. The last was  ‘Monster Hunter: World’, which was released in 2018. This has both single and multiplayer modes.




The players here is the hunter of the game. Their task is to kill or trap the monsters of the game with the help of weapons, tools, and various environmental features that can give damages to the monsters while fighting and surviving from them. Many monsters from the previous series of Monster Hunt will be returning to this upcoming series. All the fourteen weapons of Monster Hunter Generation and Monster Hunter World i.e, mixed archetypes of swords, shields, staves, bows, and guns will already be there in this series.

Watch the trailer below:

New Pokemon  Snap:

New Pokemon Snap is a first-person arousing video game with a rail shooter-style gameplay. It has only a single-player game mode. It will be released on 30th April 2021 on Nintendo Switch. It is a sequel to Pokemon Snap from 1999. It is developed and published by Bandai Namco Studios and J.P: The Pokemon Company.

New Pokemon Snap |EDF



The players here are the photographers who click snaps of the pokemon. Their task is to tour various islands in the Lental region of the map. The Player has to help the researcher and his assistant. The researcher is Mirror and his assistant is Rita. The players also have to build the compendium which is called Photodex with the help of snaps taken.

Watch the trailer of the game below:

Death loop:

Death loop is an action-adventure game. This is scheduled to release on 21st May 2021. It is developed and published by Arkane studios and Bethasola software. Death loop will be released on Ps5 and Windows. It has single-player and multiplayer game modes. Death loop has a one-year exclusive time console.Death loop |EDF


The players in Death loop play the role of Colt. He is an assassin who is stuck in a time loop and wakes up on a beach on an island of the Black reef. Colt’s task is to take out eight targets that are over the island before midnight.

If he leaves even one target it will reset the time loop and restart the game. During the multiplayer mode, the players take up the role of Julianna who is an agent who is tasked to protect the time loop and take Colt out of it.

Watch the official trailer of Death loop:

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