Top 10 Most Disliked Oscar Wins Of All Time Ranked By CBR Website

The Oscars are annually awarded by the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences to the best filmmakers and Movies which almost all the major movies keep an eye on after release. But due to a lot of factors for the award the Oscars are sadly sometimes not awarded to many candidates despite having deserving factors either they didn’t age well or failed to accurately reflect the time they were actually made in. Many times it happens that it failed to reach many audiences. So today we are looking at what might be the worst Oscar winners or the most disliked winners of the trophy so stay tuned with this page. You can visit their official youtube page here.

Top 10 Most Disliked Oscar Winners Of All Time(10-5)

10. Bohemian Rapsody winning best editing.

Bohemian Rhapsody was Hounded by a ton of controversies as Queens Biopic Academy award sparked mockery online in 2019 as to how she won the prize where Takken 3 could have also won as it was much better than hers. Fans complaint has overused quick-cuts. She even made 60 cuts in a span of 1 minute 22 seconds and how she could win that prize of such honour. Whatever it is it’s simply not the best work she has done in her lifetime here you can

9. How Green Was My Valley.

John’s Ford generational family drama was not bad but was a somewhat predictable bet while in the movie Citizen Kane was criticized for playing like it was not the norm of that time. No matter what he just had been overshadowed.

Top 10 Most Disliked Oscar Wins Of All Time Ranked By CBR Website

8. Forrest Gump.

The movie was an unchallenging melodrama that showed just the conservative way of American History. This picture was given an award bypassing the expected winner Shawshank redemption for which fans have extremely disliked the decision.

7. The King’s Speech.

The king’s speech was seen as how worse was it, today been remembered. It showed King George V overcoming his speech just in time for world war II but was worst of a kind daringly competition with the social network and inception that year so you can imagine what mess it was.

6. The Reader.

The movie made such a controversy that the rules of best picture nominees were changed it showed Kate Winslet an illiterate Nazi but it was represented something else in the movie. With The Dark Knight been on same year made.

Top 10 Most Disliked Oscar Wins Of All Time Ranked By CBR Website

5. Shakespeare in Love.

This showed the Offensive display of Shakspeare in romance in his life it was also a historical drama.

10 Most Disliked Oscars (4-1)

4. Roman Polanski Best Director Trophy.

He won the trophy despite being known for sexual assault and a lot of this stuff. He too didn’t attend the ceremony as has fleed the country to France to avoid arrest. As you would suggest controversy and just controversy.

3. Anne HAll’s legacy.

This movie has been said to be objectification at best emotionally abusive at worst. Allen had also been accused o molestation and sexual assaults which were kinda unable to separate him from the movie.

Top 10 Most Disliked Oscar Wins Of All Time Ranked By CBR Website

2. Crash Ages.

This movie was good but has enough for racist people involved.

1. Green Book.

This movie suggested everything from a white man’s perspective so it was also racist. Director also had some sexual controversies with many other controversies you could imagine. So it takes the top spot Winning the Oscar anyways.

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