Top 10 Google Patents you Never Knew

Google is a multi billion dollar organisation which has a certain monopoly over the internet and has come up with certain bizarre ideas to make future market monopoly in certain areas of tech which no one could’ve thought of, Google has grabbed first opportunities in many potential market ideas and here are 10 futuristic ideas google has got patented for the future:

10 Google patents that are bizarre :

1. E-Tattoo with microphone:

10 google patents you didn't know about

Google will work on this new idea where you are supposed to get an electronic tattoo in your throat region and that will have a microphone embedded in it and that will be connected to your electronic device (MCD mobile communication device) and also a power supply configured to receive signals from a personal area network which will be linked to MCD. This is going to be the future of wearable tech.

2. Floating google data centres:

10 google patents you didn't know about


Google has set up a floating data centre which is four-story tall in San Francisco bay, which is completely powered and cooled by the ocean wave currents, renewably. The data centre is environment friendly since it uses in renewable energy and thus, cutting the electricity wastage. The data centre is also very efficient and convenient to move as it can just float and be displaced rather than break the whole centre to move.

3. Pay per gaze :

10 google patents you didn't know about

Pay per gaze is a way by which google tracks your facial expressions by the help of your pupil dilation and see how long or whether at all the user see the ad. It would have eye sensors to see when the consumers see the ads and then conclude how they respond and then it will communicate the information to the advertisers.

4. Hand gestures to signify what is important:

10 google patents you didn't know aboutGoogle has come up with outlandish idea that you can like the things in real life with you bare hands making a heart shape i.e when you make the heart symbol with your hands it will be detectable by your google glasses which lets you user your device hands-free letting you access the mobile internet browser, camera, maps, calendar, and other apps by voice commands can after it capture it will automatically save it as favorites and post on your social media platforms, so this gesture will enable you to snap a picture of whatever you see and save it for future use.

5. Advertising based on environmental conditions:

So, this patent will have sensors that will detect your surrounding weather, if it’s sunny, raining, humid, snow it will see the factors in your area and according to that it will provide you with ads and products that you might be interested in buying like umbrellas for rain, winter apparel for snowy conditions etc.

6. Projection keyboard google glass:

10 google patents you didn't know about

This is something we’ve been seeing for a while in the tech industry that will be coming up in the future and google has already got it patented, that is projection keyboard, which will also be associated with the google glasses that will let you have a keyboard projected on any surface that you like anywhere , anytime you can access to it without any device with physical keyboard.

7.Walking stick with IMU

10 google patents you didn't know about

Another great idea that google has got patented which is a walking stick with IMU that will have one or more imaging sensors, location sensors and also switch on the bottom of it that will click picture and capture a 360 degree view of your surrounding as you walk, so when you will walk and your stick will touch the ground an image will be clicked from the cameras and it will be then stitched together to form the picture and capture your view so you can go anywhere and still be able to take the most crazy pictures.

8. Comic strips for updates

10 google patents you didn't know about

Google was awarded with the patent to turn your usual boring social media updates into fun fascinating comic strips automatically so that now whenever you want to share some amazing news on any of your social media platform google will give you an opportunity to make it look fun.

9. Virtual Assistant for updates

10 google patents you didn't know about

Google got a patent for having  a virtual assistance that will handle your social media for you, so if you want to wish someone happy birthday or comment on someone’s new post your assistant will be doing that you, it will have all the information how to communicate and you won’t have to bother again to update your social media status.

10. Bill split for parties

10 google patents you didn't know about

This is another very useful thing developed that allows the user to split the bill of parties, restaurant anything basically that you spent on between people you just have to click the bill’s picture and then when one person pays for it it will automatically cut from others account and give it to that person’s account making the bill splitting an easy convenient process.

These are few creative outlandish patents google has come up with and it is growing and expanding it’s potential which each day.

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