Tombs of Amascut Might Be the Best The Thread of Elidinis & the Breach of the Scarab

Tombs of Amascut or Raids 3 is one of 2022 OSRS’s most anticipated content. You’ll need the quest to unlock this new activity. It will allow you face new enemies and gain new/old valuable items which translate into . Now you can prepare for Raids 3 with the completion of Beneath Cursed Sands. This will give you access to a new region in Kharidian desert. You will then need to increase your combat level and obtain more OSRS gold in order to ensure that you have enough gear to prepare for Raids 3.

Jagex values the opinions of players in OSRS and has done its best to collect feedback from the players about the potential rewards for Tombs of Amascut. A critical aspect of any raid (Chambers of Xeric or Theatre of Blood) is the comparison of their potential rewards. By doing other raids, you can make a lot PGP. The Twisted Bow and Scythe Of Vitur are rare and highly valuable drops. Their combined value is more than a half billion OSRS and more than a billion. Raids 3 deserves something of similar value. We can already predict that it will be high, even though we don’t know the GE price.

Shadow of Tumeken

Shadow of Tumeken is the final weapon in the trio of magic BIS weapons, which includes range, melee, as well as magic. It is a future top-in-slot magical weapon and will help to refine and redefine Magic as a combat ability. This proposal requires level 85 Magic to use and grants a plus 35 Magic bonus. You get plus 20 Magic defense bonuses without any negative bonuses to Stab. Slash. Crush. It also provides a plus1 Prayer bonus and has an attack rate 5.

Jagex’s blogpost explains that its special effects include “when Shadow of Tumeken equips, Magic Strength from gear is three times greater” (capped to 100 percent Magic strength). While using this unique Magic weapon, the Magic accuracy is also tripled.

This item is so powerful you can only use it for PvM, not in any PvP situation. Your Chaos and Soul runes will be useful as they are what you need to charge the item and use its spell. It can move at 5 ticks. Another interesting fact is that Magic accuracy does not help when fighting off-meta foes like bosses. These bosses are not particularly vulnerable to Magic but have moderate to high Magic resistance.

Your DPS would drop if you were to fight bosses that aren’t susceptible to Magic. With the new magic weapon’s boosts, this is no longer the case. This will make Magic possible against a variety of bosses, monsters, and such as:

  • TzKal-Zuk
  • Demonic Gorillas
  • Commander Zilyana
  • Kree’Arra
  • Cerberus
  • Kalphite Queen Flying
  • Alchemical Hydra
  • K’ril Tsutsaroth

The Thread of Elidinis & the Breach of the Scarab

These rewards are not tradeable and you can only get them from Raids. The Thread Of Elidinis is a popular item. This will enable you to upgrade your Rune Pouch and store four different runes.

You can also get the Breach of the Scarab from Tombs of Amascut. This jewel can be used by you to upgrade one of your rewards from Beneath Cursed Sands (the Keris Partisan), to make it more effective against desert bugs.

Osmumten’s Fang

Osmunten’s Fang is a melee weapons that stands out from other weapons due to its high accuracy. It is proposed that the Fang would be a high-accuracy weapon because it has a chance to double roll its accuracy, and not its stats as previously stated. Its passive ability makes it a great option if you are looking to kill the Corporeal beast to gain great loot and even some that are worth more than a million OSRS GP. If you are dealing with other foes, the Osmumten’s Fang may be helpful. This could allow you to discover new ways to earn OSRS gold. Jagex offered high-value tradeable items with a rare drop chance and outstanding non-tradeable items with a decent chance of dropping. This is very refreshing.

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