Tom Holland Marvel’s Spider-man 3 get its official title

Marvel geeks, it’s official. The fourth film in phase four of Marvel, Spider-man 3 has got its title, Spider-man: No way home. On Wednesday, fans were left a little confused after our friendly neighborhood Spider-man, Tom holland shared three different titles, Spider-Man: Phone Home, Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker, Spider-Man: Home Slice.

In a video released on the official website, we see our chaotic trio coming out of director Jon Watts’ office discussing the title of the movie. We can see Tom Holland being baffled as to why he isn’t let on things. To which Zendaya quickly replies, “Your thing is to spoil things.”As they walk through the hall we get to see the real title, ‘Spider-man: No way home’ as a doodle on the wall.

Jon Watts will be returning as the director of the third part of Marvel Spider-man trilogy. We will get to see our favorite stars, Zendaya, Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon and Marisa Tomei in their titular roles again.Spider-man: No way home is set to hit the theater on 17 December, 2021.

Tom Holland Marvel's Spider-man 3 get its official title

Will we get to see Peter’s old foe in Marvel’s Spider-man 3 ?

The three fake titles (Phone Home, Home Slice and Home Wrecker) prior to the release of the official title could reveal the film’s mystery villain. As pointed out by some sharp eyed fans, the color thematics of three logos match the outfit design of Spider-man’s arch enemy: The GreenGoblin.

Norman Osborn or ‘The Green Goblin’ is the most iconic and dangerous enemy. The character has been featured in previous Spider-man movies too.With Tony Stark gone, Stark Industries taking a backseat. Hence, providing a spot for another billionaire to fill in. The MCU could use a new powerful and genius billionaire, Norman Osborn to fill that role. Previously Marvel featured villains that were not featured in previous films: Vulture and Mysterio.

What if there is a team of villains?

Tom Holland Marvel's Spider-man 3 get its official title

Fans have come up with interesting theories about Green Goblin’s entry in Spider-man 3. Green Goblin’s narrative for the upcoming movie has a great potential. His introduction can change the entire perspective of phase 4 and pave the way for upcoming Avengers movies.

In the comics Spider-man: Turn of the Dark, we see Norman Osborn take on multiple aliases. He forms a super team called ‘The Dark Avengers’. The Dark Avengers features prominent miscreants, Kang the Conqueror, Nightmare, Mephisto, and the High Evolutionary in the guise of heroes. What if Green Goblin becomes the new Thanos with his league of evil?

No way home will bring iconic heroes and villian alike on big screen for its fans. Spider-man: No way home will be an exciting film for the MCU with the possibilities of multiverse.

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