The release date for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 227 is set for October 20, 2021. Readers eagerly anticipate the release of new chapters.
Tokyo Revengers is a Japanese science fiction manga series. It’s known for its thrills and action. This popular manga was written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. The serial was initially published in Weekly Shonen Magazine by Kodansha on March 1, 2017. There have been a total of 24 volumes published. Tokyo Revengers has an anime adaptation directed by Koichi Hatsumi as a result of its immense popularity. #tokyorevengers

Everything you need to know

Nakamichi Hanagaki is a 26-year-old unemployed man having the time of his life with his middle school ex-girlfriend Hinata Tachibana and younger brother Naoto. He has a strong bond with them. But his existence is shattered when he learns that two of the most significant individuals in his life have been murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang, one of the most powerful gangs in the area.

tokyo revengers chapter 227

Nakamichi is distraught, and when walking in front of the train, something happened, and he was sent back in time 12 years. He sees his younger brother Naoto and starts conversing with him, but he is transferred back to the present when he shakes his hand. He’s taken aback because touching hands with Naoto caused a temporal paradox, causing him to reappear in the present. Nakamichi swears to bring Hinata back.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 227 Release Date

On October 20, 2021, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 227 will be released. On October 10, 2021, the raw scans will be available. The Moebius arc, Valhalla arc, Black Dragons arc, Tenjiku arc, and Final arc are highly anticipated. Wakasa, Benkei, and the South are on the verge of putting the war to a conclusion, with one of them emerging as the ultimate victor. There are only eight days left until the following chapters are released.

tokyo revengers hapter 227

Where to read?

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 227 is available on the Kodansha website and the Mangano app.

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