Tips For Dating A Cute French Guy Everything You Need To Know

French men are, no doubt, attractive. Most of the women count on them if they talk about relationships. Non-french girls are mostly attracted towards french guys.

Tips For Dating A Cute French Guy

1. Open mindedness

French romance and French love is famous all across the world. French people are very much forward then rest of the world. They always wanted to have fun without any interference. Most of the French guys preferred American girls for relationship as they are equally forward as them.

Cute French Guy

2. The sign: Kiss

Dating more guys at a same time is kind off outdated in France. If you go out with a guy and kissed him, it signifies that you allowed him to be your boyfriend. A kiss, in France, is a symbol of love. For a French Guy, that kiss means you want to be with him and be his girlfriend.

Cute French Guy

3. Dress Up To Impress

French people are very much involved in the styling sense. They are more involved in your dressing sense. If you don’t do make up, that’ll be okay for them, but your dressing should be perfect. They didn’t prefer a face with lot of make-up, they likes nude look on face.

4. Meeting Family And Friends

French preferred to be in a private dating. They didn’t want to indulge their friends or families in their dating life, atleast at the beginning. And if a guy invited you to meet his family, then it is the sign that relationship is getting all serious and there’s no step back in near future.

5. Learn A Little Bit Of French

Talking is someone’s native language makes them interested towards you. Some words or a simple phrase is enough for them to get interested in you.

6. Perfume

Perfume plays a significant role in French culture. They are really obsessed with good perfumes and smell. To impress a Cute French guy, perfume can play a significant role.

Cute French Guy

7. Plan A Date

Plan a fancy date for your partner is all you need to be with him. Paris is the city of love. And a perfect date is ideal there.

Cute French Guy

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