Tips and Safety Initiatives While Biking with Dogs

Being a Cynophile, nothing’s better than taking out your dog on late-evening walks. But what about those days when you’re exhausted and tired but you still need to give your dog some quality time? This is where you might think to take out your bike and ride with your dog.

It’s completely OK to take out your dog while you ride but you should keep in mind some of the safety tips that might come in handy. In this blog, we will share with you some tips and trips for a smooth ride with your dog and by following these steps, you will be free from fear of harm.

Getting the Right Bike

When we talk about bikes, we have an image of the casual two-wheel bike in our minds, but such bikes are not suitable for riding with dogs. To carry your dog with you, you need to have some special types of bikes that are designed to carry your belongings. The baskets on such bikes should have enough room for your dog to sit. 

For this purpose, you’d need  a 3 wheel bike with basket for adults that comes with a design that’s safe for you and your pet as well. They are comfortable enough to give you a smooth and sharp ride. At Addmotor, we have a range of 3 wheel bike for adults for sale to let you enjoy those amazing late-evening bike rides with your dog.

Managing the Load Over Bike

The most important thing to note is your dog’s size and the bike’s capacity. Try to get a bike that suits your dog’s size. Small dog breeds are perfect for a safe and balanced ride since they are small in size and sit perfectly in the basket. Now practically, you can’t expect a K9 or a Labrador to fit into that tiny little basket, right? Although, you can take those big breeds with you on a ride with a safe and comfortable leash. The three-wheel bike will support you in balancing while riding with a dog because of its great stability and reliable riding experience.

Training the Dog 

Before going out for typical rides of daily routine, you must train your dog on your bike. Dogs should be aware of the cycle’s position and working and know how to sit during the ride without creating any hustle; thus, by training them, they will go on rides with you quite conveniently and without fear.

Keeping Short Distance Rides

Once your dog is ready for a ride with you, try giving him a ride every day, but remember, it should not be a long-distance ride. The dog can get bored and frustrated from a long ride as it is not casual for him to sit in one place for a long time.

They love to wander around and look for things to play with, so  bounding them to a specific place might not be an effective move for them.

Riding Slowly

It would be best if you did not ride the bike fast and never exceeded the limit. Remember that you have a pet with you, so riding at high speed will put them in fear and make them feel uncomfortable.

Try to ride the bike slowly and joyfully, so they are not afraid of your bike. It would be best if you kept some foodstuff with you so the dog would enjoy the ride more.

Keep A Close Eye

Your foremost duty is to check on them while riding the bike. Look forward to them after every interval for if they are sitting correctly or not. They will undoubtedly be well-trained and will not cause any disturbance, but you should be aware of them.

They might jump out of the bike and cause imbalance during the ride, which can turn into a big disaster for you. So it’s recommended to pay attention to their sitting position every couple of seconds. 

Which eBike to Go With?

Addmotor offers a great variety of the best 3 wheel electric bikes for seniors as well as adults of any age. Addmotor has some amazing options when it comes to tricycle for heavy adults. These eBikes are highly durable and they can easily withstand the weight of heavy adults. The electric motor is always there to assist you while paddling, so you won’t have to worry about that extra effort paddling to drag your weight all by yourself.

Here are two of the most suitable options offered by Addmotor for you to try!

  1. M-360 Adult Semi-Recumbent Electric Trike 2023

This is the latest designed bike that is coming soon in stock. It’s a tricycle for heavy adults and is specially designed to hold heavy loads and extra support, so there will be no problem balancing adults. The new versions are improving, and you can place your dog in the back seat.

It has a heavy-duty lithium battery of 48V with Samsung cells, giving a perfect capacity for your electric bike.

It is equipped with a 750W brushless motor giving you an adventurous ride for more than four hours. It has a long-established charger.

This is also a three-wheel bike, and you can smoothly ride on barren land and beside the beach. The elegant design gives a luxurious look, and adults can take their pets with them easily without any harm.

It comes out with various features and gives a bumpy ride.

Its four-layered tires with strong pedals make it the most comfortable model for electric bikes. These tires resolve all of your balancing issues and provide strong support.

A 750W powered motor is inserted in the front portion of the bike, making it last longer and increasing your ride time.

  1. Grand M-340 ETrike 

It is another 3-wheel bike with a basket for adults, designed gracefully. It is specially upgraded with many new features, and everyone can get a smooth ride.

It has pretty exciting features making it one of the most demanding products in the market.

It is upgraded with a 48V battery and is expanded from 17.5AH to 20AH.

 A  EB 2.0 lightning system is installed in it, which increases the riding range of the bike on a single charge, and when the brakes are applied, the lights get activated automatically.

In addition, it has Samsung cells which increase the bike’s capacity and make it last for a longer time, and gives you a flat ride without any obstacles in your way.

This electro bike contains a backrest which gives a calm seat for you so you can ride for hours. There’s also a basket at the back of the seat, specifically for dogs, and they can sit there for hours in solace.

Over to You

Taking out your dog on a bike ride is really fun but you need to keep in mind some of the safety tips too. In this blog, we shared some helpful tips for you that will help you ride safely with your dog. We also provided some of the most suitable choices that Addmotor has to offer. Addmotor’s products feature a 3 wheel bike with basket for adults and tricycle for heavy adults that are both value-to-money and offer a reliable riding experience.

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