These “Naruto movies” You can’t Miss to Watch in 2021

Naruto is everyone, favorite Anime ninja series with the Protagonist being the young ninja Naruto Uzumaki who seeks recognition and respect from those around him and dreams of becoming the Hokage, the leader of his village. This Anime franchise became one of the most prominent Animes in the world.

Basically, Naruto initially started as a series divided into two parts 1. The Original and 2. Shippuden which in total has 700 episodes. In between these episodes, movies were aired, there are ten Naruto movies in total which are totally worth watching or you’ll be missing out in life, literally.

Naruto Movies you should definitely watch:These "Naruto movies" You can't Miss to Watch in 2021


  1. Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The movie was aired in 2007. It revolves around the fate of our protagonist Naruto that who is going to die very soon and this is a prophecy of a Priestess named Shion who can see the future and Naruto and company has to save the Priestess and themselves from the antagonist Yomi who is attempting to take over the world by reviving spirits of Moryo a treacherous demon and stop the rise of the evil. The movie is filled with exciting battles also with a scene where Naruto is doing The Rasengan in one of the most iconic Jutsu in Naruto. Overall the movie is a masterpiece. (IMDb: 6.9/10)These "Naruto movies" You can't Miss to Watch in 2021


  1. Naruto Shippuden the movie bonds:  The movie was aired in 2008 the sequel. This movie revolves around a battle against the enemy ninjas from the Land of Sky that attack Konoha in retaliation to the attack by the Leaf village on Sky Country during the 2nd Great Ninja World War. The movie portrays the action sequences between the armies beautifully. Naruto is accompanied by his companions Sakura and Hinata and they’ve to save the inhabitants of the village. The movie also shows the reappearance of Sasuke in his bad-boy phase and also has an enthralling action scene. This movie is definitely worth the watch. (IMDb: 7/10)
  2. Naruto Shippuden the blood prison:  The movie aired in 2011. The movie’s plot is set in a prison, Hozuki Castle which is also known as a blood prison, and Naruto’s attempt to escape the prison because he is confined behind the bars for a crime he didn’t commit, an attack on the Fourth Raikage, and he must prove his innocence. Naruto’s powers are sealed by Mui, the prison head as soon as he enters the prison and thus, in this movie it is the first time Naruto is seen in misery and powerless. Naruto’s only way to escape is to make trustworthy allies. Overall the movie is full of emotions and action, the movie will make you cry as all Naruto movies do but definitely deserving the watch. (IMDb: 7.3/10)Naruto movies you must watch in 2021

The 10th movie is the last part of Naruto movie and Manga is coming up with Boruto, who is the son of Naruto that is going to be the next generation continuing the franchise and the beautiful tale. Into the bargain The whole Naturo Movie Series is inspirational as well as heartwarming, if you love Anime you should unquestionably watch these movies.

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