The action role-playing game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is inspired from The Witcher series of fantasy novels which was written by Andrzej Sapkowski. This game was developed as well as published by Polish developer CD Projekt Red and got initially released in 2015. However, this game has a really beautiful place named The Skellige Isles, rich in nature and plenty of open seas surrounding them. Also, this place offer a welcome break from cities and villages that are on the Continent.

Well, Geralt travels to Skellige in order to learn more about Ciri’s locations, but once he’s there, he also has the opportunity to influence who the next ruler of Skellige will be. However, here are top 3 hardest contracts that are waiting for Geralt in this beautiful place Skellige Isles.

The Witcher 3 Hardest Contract

1. The Phantom Of Eldberg

The Witcher 3 Hardest Contract Latest Update and Everything You Need to Know

Here comes the most hardest contract among all the other contracts The Phantom of Eldberg in general. The major difficulty with this contract is that by the time players conclude with it there level gets low. Also, if they wish to do this contract later they risk missing out on two other quests that can only play out after this contract is complete.

2. Missing Son

The Witcher 3 Hardest Contract Latest Update and Everything You Need to Know

In this contract Fiends are dangerous opponents as they are large, strong and can even blind Geralt, making it difficult for him to fight with them. However, there are three ways of taking on this quest. He can either finds the notice in Rannvaig, talking directly to the man who posted it or trip across the fiend during his journey. However, the fight might be time consuming since the fiend escapes once Geralt injures it. Also, Geralt has to track down the beast as well as fight it once again before he can kill it. Also, Geralt needs to be fast and stay out of the beast’s reach as it’s not a big deal for the beast to manage with the damage.

3. Muire D’yaeblen

The Witcher 3 Hardest Contract Latest Update and Everything You Need to Know

This contract seems to be simple, straightforward as well as not much time consuming but in reality it is much more complicated. The difficult part begins with finding the way to the cave also, once Geralt arrives, he comes across that he’ll not only have to deal with the but also has to face the dangerous water hags. Also, he need to be very careful with the drowners as well as water hags, as drowners can swarm him if he’s not careful enough also water hags are really fast and vicious.

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