The Ritual Skulls are the unique type of resource that was introduced sea of thieves for the first time in 2020 as a part of the Dark relics Content update but later it was classified as Bilge Rats treasure. You basically require this rare item to attempt the fort of the damned which is a unique fortress in the world of the sea of thieves and it has the capacity to reward players to get some precious treasure. You can visit the website of the game here. You can also watch a short video on the series below.

How To Aquire Ritual Skull

The Ritual skull can be acquired in the game in a number of ways. some ways have guaranteed a drop while some have a chance of rewarding. I will tell you some ways while you can find out more ways while playing the game.

The Use Of Ritual Skull In Sea Of Thiefs

  1. Complete Skull Stash Voyages-They are the guarantee Ritual Skull and they only require players to complete the quest with a single chapter. Find X marked in the map to dig up the skull. You can buy only one Stash voyage each month.
  2. Defeat the Captain of a Skeleton Fleet-These are the world events in which the players have to face off against 3 waves of progressively harder skeleton ships.
  3. Defeat skeleton ships-Defeating these will maybe get you one ritual skull but not always.
  4. Defeat Ashen lord-These are boss fights.
  5. Open Ashen chest-this opening chest can also acquire you some skulls.

How To Use Ritual Skull

You can initiate Fort of the damned raid and in order to activate the raid make your way to the fort and locate 6 different ferryman statues surrounding the ritual cage with headless skeletons inside and once the statues have been lit with correct flame the ritual cage will open up allowing you to put the ritual skull on the headless skeleton.

The Use Of Ritual Skull In Sea Of Thiefs

Light the statues in order below.

  1. The Flame of Treacherous weather-White-get struck by lightning and die.
  2. The Flame Embedded Souls-Pink-Attacked by players from other crews.
  3. The Flame of lost seafarers-Blue-let a shark kill you.
  4. Flame of cursed bones-green-Death by a skeleton.
  5. The flame of burning hearts-red-Catch on fire and die.
  6. The flame of the viper-purple-Die after getting bitten by a snake.

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