The Ultimate Guide to Yoga Teacher Training, Elements, & Benefits – 300 Hours Yoga Teachers Training

The option to deliver the potential to the world is provided through the yoga teacher’s training online India program. This intense program, created and organised by Sattva Yoga Academy, provides the environment required for a person to investigate deeper aspects of yoga. By doing this, they change into a conduit through which other people might acquire the resources needed to strive toward their inner development. A natural desire to share the events that have impacted their lives has driven many people to commit to this route. Yoga instructors of different ages and origins are working selflessly to provide others with this opportunity.

Under their unique circumstances, participants in the continuing Yoga Teachers Training online India at the Sattva Yoga Academy in India commit to certain full-time training periods.

There are several options available, whether you are a student ready for a full-time commitment or a householder only looking to teach a few hours per week:

  • Yoga teacher training courses for both adults and children
  • Delivering initial lectures about the yoga teachers’ training program
  • Promoting the program for 300 Hours Yoga Teachers Training in Rishikesh
  • Arranging æ and participating in programs and events
  • Taking part in and managing the yoga teacher’s training program

300 Hours Yoga Teachers Training in Rishikesh

Bring your teaching to a new level. You’ve already laid a solid foundation; venture beyond your current location. The intended audience for this course is intermediate and advanced practitioners. It will assist in enhancing and deepening your instruction. Expand your teaching prospects and develop your knowledge of and practice yoga as a way of life. Many people regard our programs as the most thorough yoga teacher training available.

A whole new universe of opportunities will become available for your leadership as a worldwide yoga teacher after completing the Sattva Yoga Academy’s 300-hour training program. You will be ready to instruct at events worldwide, direct retreats, help with training, etc. To be eligible to apply for the Sattva Master Level Course, this training is a must.

300s Hour Yoga Teacher Training Breakdown

1. Sattva practice of yoga: advanced techniques and practices (70 hours)

2. Practise Advanced Mantras and Basic Sanskrit for 12 hours

3. 50 hours of teaching methodology

4. 30 hours in Scripture, Philosophy, Ethics, and Lifestyle

5. A 12-hour group practicum

6. 17 hours of small group peer review and practice

7. 55 hours of Satsang

8. Principles and practice of advanced pranayama. -10 hours

9. Daily Independent Study: 20 hours

10. Requirements for Seva, homework, and self-practice: 60 hours


A 200-hour certificate from Sattva Yoga Academy or any yoga school recognized by the Yoga Alliance is needed for the Level 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training. We ensure that our future instructors are equipped to handle the level 2 curriculum. Depending on the type of yoga school you attended, you might need to perform an additional study to keep up with the program’s requirements.

Course Fee for 300 hours yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

  • From April 10 through May 8, 2023
  • 2023 September 15 until October 13,
  • 2023 November 21–December 19,
  • Standard room: $2350 USD (Standard shared room per person)
  • Deluxe room: $2500 USD (Deluxe shared room per person)
  • You must pay US$350 to reserve your place.

Adding US$ 450 for single occupancy. All room sizes and views vary.


Although none of the deposits are refundable, they can be used for other forthcoming training. 

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