The Third Wave: Covid19 variants Symptoms Change But Disease Becomes Milder

The symptoms of the Covid19 virus have changed again. Scientists believe that mutations are responsible for the changed symptoms, which has a much lower mortality rate than that variant that alarmed the whole world.

Here doctors reported Covid19 variants

Kolkata: A new strain of the virus was reported in 40 patients. However, only one needed serious medical attention and the others were cured with home quarantine.  According to the doctors, this new variant does not affect most people due to the large number of vaccinations and hard immunity.

The Third Wave: Covid Symptoms Change But Disease Becomes Milder

Covid19 variants New symptoms

Here are some of the symptoms that doctors report as different from second strain of Covid.  Although, most of the symptoms are same or little bit mild on comparing with second strain.

The Third Wave: Covid Symptoms Change But Disease Becomes Milder

Using the above symptoms, you will be able to determine the type and severity of covid virus. You should however, consult your doctor.

Does it affects the children?

WHO estimates that the third wave has little effect on children. Nevertheless, a large number of children have already been infected with the second strain. As a result, children are also immune and safe. But it is important to keep an eye on the children and note down any symptoms and it is important to wear a black kn95 mask when going outside the home.

Is vaccine useful in preventing new Covid19 variants?

According to doctors, it is because of the vaccination that this new changed virus is no longer dangerous for most people since vaccines are effective to prevent it.

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