The Sims 4 Game Packs Rank everything You Need To Know

The Sims 4 is a life stimulation game, which was developed by the Redwood Shores studio and published by Electronic Arts. It is the fourth in The Sims series.

The game was announced on 6th May 2013. It was released on 2 September 2014, in North America, for Microsoft windows. A macOS version of this game was released in 2015. It was also released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2017.The Sims 4 Game Packs Rank everything You Need To Know

The Sims 4 Game Packs Rank

1. Parenthood
2. Vampires
3. Realm of magic
4. Jungle adventure
5. Strangerville
6. Journey to Batuu
7. Spa day
8. Dine out
9. Outdoor retreat


It is a life stimulation game, very much similar life previous 3 series. Player can create their own Sims character and control them to explore different personalities. Sims can multitask at a time. The Sims 4 total has 2 world with 21 lots in it and 5 neighborhoods.

This is a single player game, which does not need a constant internet connection. The connection is needed for the initial installation of the game But due to some problems, it took some time.The Sims 4 Game Packs Rank everything You Need To Know



On May 2014, Russia announced The Sims 4 as a 18+ game which was not suitable for children. It violates the rule of Russian LGBTQ. All the previous series were allowed for 6 years old. But this series has some same sex relationship which is prohibited in Russia. In other countries, no such restriction is seen.

Game Pack

The Sims 4 added a new feature of game packs. This is the Middle ground between Stuff packs and expansion. They are less expensive. Some game packs contain strong content and focus on one specific area.

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