The Rookie Season 4 episode 8 Storyline, Recap, Spoiler, Release Date

The Rookie is basically about John Nolan who after a life-altering incident wants to complete his dream of joining the LAPD. As the oldest Rookie, he’s met with a lot of scepticism from those who just see him as just another person walking in a midlife crisis. If you want to know how the show is then visit this website for ratings and cast. Also, watch the short trailer the find an overview of the latest episode.

The Rookie S04 E07 Recap

The seventh episode was titled “Fire Fight”. After a man named Fred dies in a fire accident, Nolan and his team investigate and come to the conclusion that the fire might have been not set by him it must have been set by some other person or the real killer.

The Rookie Season 4 episode 08 Storyline, Recap, Spoiler, Release Date

Meanwhile, In the office, Chen and Bradford were placing a bet but they were distracted by a woman who was trying to escape the prison because she didn’t want to share a cell with other prisoners. She then leads the 2 officers to another woman who illegally economies on extinct tiger blood and talking to her reveals that she hires a hitman to kill a drug dealer’s husband. They also find out that she was selling pills without a license. On the other side, Marcus turns out to be a serial killer. he traps Nolan in a car giving him the drug he uses every time on his victims but after reaching a building Nolan attacks Marcus with scissors but that’s not enough he then before tying him up rides the car above him. Then the injured cop is then admitted and Brad and Chen close their bet after they saw their colleague banged up.

The Rookie S04E08 Spoilers And Release

This episode is been titled “Hit and Run”. This might be about a car accident because Nolan might make it look like that to be not been making any criminal offence for hitting Marcus. But still, we might expect twists as the series is famous. It might also centre around the Partnership between Bradford and Chen or it could centre around Nolan.

The Rookie Season 4 episode 08 Storyline, Recap, Spoiler, Release Date

Episode 8 of season 4 will air on 5th December 2021 on ABC channel time to be 10 PM E.T. As the show has taken a break right now but from next month we will see regularly. You can also watch on Amazon Prime any time after release date.

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