COVID-19 has impacted societies and economies around the world and will continue to do so in the future.

The crisis has had obvious effects, but it has also spurred some changes and created new management challenges.

One of the major changes is the adoption of digital. The use of technology after the impact of the pandemic has created new digital habits in different sectors and now education is closely linked to digital. Do you want to know what a learning management system LMS is?

What is a Learning Management System (eLeaP LMS)?

A learning management system (eLeaP LMS) is web-based software that enables the administration and documentation of learning content processes.

Learning management system platforms have multiple authoring tools that allow the teacher or trainer to improve the higher educational experience.   According to their objectives and to make a more personalized follow-up of learning in the classroom.

As educators, teachers have many tasks to perform on a daily basis. While classroom management is certainly one such task, students should be encouraged to take the initiative in managing classroom learning.

Purpose of a learning management system

LMS vendors allow teachers to better organize their lessons, taking advantage of various types of content (videos, texts or images), in order to guide students to become more autonomous in their learning. They also provide automatic reports, which help teachers evaluate their lessons.

Students can access the platform whenever they want, allowing them to learn at their own pace and revisit content as often as needed. This platform is a virtual learning space where you can create your own classroom to give online courses or online training software. The goal is to improve the experience of students and teachers who want to learn online or remotely.

This type of program allows you to manage and organize the content that will be added to the course content and  compliance training. In addition to monitoring the student’s assessment and learning process, they also allow you to manage student registrations.

How to use a learning management system?

These platforms are particularly practical for creating courses of any type and, above all, for monitoring the progress of your students. They have advanced features that include integrations with third-party apps, as well as the ability to issue certificates or export results.

What distinguishes a good learning management system?

In order to meet the customer training courses needs of any type of business or organization, a learning management system must meet the following requirements:

eLeaP LMS software must be able to adapt to your needs and the scale of your company or establishment. This means that you should be able to adapt it to processes of different scales.

Ease of use

A good LMS should be suitable for all levels of online learning. This means that it must be intuitive and easy to use for its users.

Cross-platform function

It is essential that students can train with any type of device, including mobile devices. For this, the platform must respect the “responsive protocol”, which specifically refers to this characteristic. In this way, the content can adapt to the display requirements of each device (size, appearance and distribution).

Support technique eLeap LMS

A good LMS must offer quality service and support to its customers/students. It should have a tool that allows you to get in touch with technical support, talk in real time by phone or via an integrated chat.


To keep your users’ data safe, it is extremely important that you choose a learning management system that has advanced encryption protocols and is immune to bugs and other types of technical errors. It is important that you establish rules and controls that govern who can access and view certain ratings or information.

Benefits of learning management software

Apart from making the process very simple and interactive, one of the biggest advantages it offers is that you can access the software anytime and anywhere.

Improved communication

The unified communication of learning management programs allows for greater fluidity in collaborative or directed learning. Students can easily communicate with their tutors and use group learning goals methodologies. In the same way, the establishment of chats and forums makes it possible to solve certain difficulties and to expand knowledge in a simple and immediate way.


These learning programs make it possible to design simulations. Thus, it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the course thanks to the opinion and the experience of use of the students, as well as to implement methods for future training.

Continuous learning

Depending on the availability of each, it is possible to devote time to subjects that require training. Whether on computers, tablets or mobile devices, the student is able to make the most of their time.

In addition, the implementation of an LMS feature allows students to follow up on the subjects covered in class. When students enter the LMS, it is possible for them to retake the course or review the subjects.

Interactive learning

Through the use of images, videos, forums, chats and technological resources, it is possible to achieve interactive learning. Thanks to technology, learning is effective.

All training tools are in one place, making them easily accessible to students and tutors. With unlimited hosting capacity, full courses, assessments, databases, calendars, and assignments are stored and accessible anytime.

Real-time updates

Cloud storage enables real-time task and document management, which is a competitive advantage over the traditional classroom system.

Detailed student tracking reports

An eLeaP LMS platform has the advantage of merging different assessment tools that can integrate reusable questions for all courses and training programs.

This is very useful, as it saves exam printing costs. As an assessment tool for tutors, it is possible to download and customize detailed reports.


Personal advice with the tutors is done directly and just a click away since a section is set up to solve all the difficulties and reinforce knowledge on different subjects.

Best Learning Management System for Students

Students succeed when they have a clear path, which is why optimizing learning with a school planner is very helpful. eLeaP LMS’s school planner includes features like progress tracking, custom layouts, and step-by-step task breakdowns , making it easy to organize and plan school work.

With eLeaP LMS, students can come to every class ready to learn. eLeaP LMS also helps you shape the parameters you manage to prepare students for academic success and life.


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