The Ninja Gaiden Trilogy is all set to soon arrive on PC this summer.  Koei Tecmo, the publisher announced that the Ninja Gaiden Trilogy Sigma, Ninja Gaiden Trilogy Sigma 2, and Ninja Gaiden Trilogy Sigma 3 will be soon on PC on 10th June 2021. The whole collection will be named Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection.

About the Game Ninja Gaiden:

Ninja Gaiden Trilogy was launched by the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on 10th August 1995. This game contains all three of the original NES games with restored graphics and music and twist in the gameplay. Especially, the third game has now limitless continues like the other games.

The Ninja Gaiden trilogy arrives on PC this summer| EDF
The Ninja Gaiden trilogy arrives on PC this summer| EDF

Although this game has on a more strong aid, the games had many troubles like slackening, frigid controls, and finicky hit detection. There were also restrictions added in some areas which included changing blood from red to green. Ninja Gaiden Trilogy is also added as an extra perk unlockable in the year 2004s  Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox.

This game was also launched as Ninja Gaiden Trilogy in the PAL Region.

Click below to watch the announcement trailer by Koi Temco:

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