After much awaiting finally Daedalic Entertainment has uncovered the trailer for the new Tolkien fictional world themed game The Lord of the rings : Gollum Gameplay. The first look was disclosed last year with the shots from the game showing Gollum, deadly spiders and Mordor.

Gollum Gameplay Trailer Reveal:

  • The game’s storyline is set for the years after Gollum’s acquisition of it’s ‘Precious’ i.e the ring, the game will tell Gollum’s story which will be related to the books and the movies. The game is set inside the Mordor fortress where Gollum was captured in year 3017, so this is basically the time before the LODR trilogy was set. There will be other environments as well according to the developers.
  • There will be all sorts of minacious creatures and beasts that you’ll encounter while playing. The trailer showed the basic animation of the game which seemed dark and dangerous, creepy cave, volcanoes and dingy fort.

The Lord of The Rings Upcoming Sequel Gollum Gameplay First Trailer Released

  • The developers also mentioned that the game is primarily based on stealth since Gollum isn’t a fighting character, so his unique traits will be used to play the game and at the same time explore the environment.
  • It will be an inner battle between Gollum’s alter ego the hobbit Schmiegel and him and thus, there also will be instances to make decisions in the game which will change the narrative as you go, there will be dialogue options for the players to choose from.
  • Furthermore, Daedalic entertainment revealed that there will be other characters from the LODR in the game like Nazgul the nine riders and Thranduil, Elvenking.

The Lord of The Rings Upcoming Sequel Gollum Gameplay First Trailer Released

Gollum Gameplay Release Date

No official date for the launch has yet been made although due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the developers have mentioned that they’ve have delayed the release till 2022. The game although seems unique from the previous LODR games and thus, there’s a lot to expect, this is going to a great stealth game.

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